WTFactory Phone Cases

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Sooooooo today I bring you a review I have been waiting to wrote for so long now, about a month and a half ago I was contacted by WTFactory to test out their new phone cases! From first looks on their websites at the cases I was pleased to see that they had made a case that kept the thinness of modern phones while offering protection from dropping your phone, which I guess we can all agree is the biggest problem in most of our lives. So I couldnt wait to get the case to try it out.

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The Sticker Shop Review

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So the other day I was contacted to do a little review of  They sent me out some stickers for free and now I am writing this review to let you all know what I think of them, so keep reading and enjoy!

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Why I have started skipping

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So recently I have started to incorporate skipping into my daily routine, part of the reason for this was because I got sent a really awesome skipping rope (check out my review here) but it was only once I was sent the rope that I actually realised I had neglected something that was so simple to do and actually makes a huge difference.

If you want a easy to do exercise that burns fat like nothing then skipping is definitely the one to choose. It gets the heart rate going very quickly and before you know it you'll be sweating buckets and shedding pounds. After a short google on the internet I found out that doing two 10 minute skipping sessions will burn about 200 calories doing that over a week means an extra 1000 calories lost every week. Amazing right?

One of the other things that I love about skipping
is that it really can actually be done anywhere and you dont actually really need any professional equipment, I would recommend getting a good rope but any will really do, I've been doing my skipping in my room for like 15 mins at a time day, it really is a good full body exercise as you can change the jump you do to target different muscles. Want to target the abs? bring your knees up when you jump, want more of a stomach shred? increase the speed at which you are jumping. The possibilities are endless. Before long you'll have been skipping for ages and asking where the time has gone.

Skipping is one of my new favourite things to do as its easy reliable and has given me visible results already, I would urge everyone out there to don a rope of sorts and join me in this free, easy way to increase your fitness levels and get fit!

Beast Rope Review

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So a couple of weeks ago I was sent over the Beast Rope to review, it's actually could not have come at a better time as I have started to properly get back into my fitness, The beast rope is made by a company aptly named Beast Gear and they produce a range of different fitness related products all geared towards making your workouts the best they can be.

The rope itself came in a storage bag emblazoned with the company logo, which is quite nice as after using it it makes storing it a lot easier! The rope itself is not actually a rope, it's made of steel, well a really lightweight steel, this really helps as I have found it to be incredibly durable and strong. So not only lightweight and flexible but very strong and able to withstand some wear and tear. Brilliant. Now some people may ask why spend money on this rope when you can get a cheaper one elsewhere? well to these people I would say that this rope has some extra benefits,

One of the main ones is that this rope is adjustable so anyone can actually use it tall or small, adult or child. On either side of the rope there are little twist screws which you can adjust to how big you need the rope to be. Another nice little addition that this rope has as opposed to normal leather or plastic ropes is that in the handles there are a strong ball bearing mechanism that just make the movements of the actual rope a lot smoother and thats what you need when you are skipping
(an infographic off of the Beast Gear website) 

For a more in depth to the reason I have started skipping click here

If you want to purchase any beast gear or just read into them a bit more then check the website out below

Paladins: Champions of the Realm Game review

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Today I thought I would give my own little review on the game that I have become slowly addicted to. The game in question is Paladins:Champions of the realm. When I first had a look online for free to play multiplayer games, of course DOTA and League of Legends popped up but I wanted to play a lesser known game, so after some digging I came across Paladins.

Paladins itself is a very fun game; a multiplayer shooter in which you select a champion, join a team for some fun 5v5 mayhem. There are a few game modes to play but I have mainly stuck to payload ones as these are the mist fun for myself. There is a competitive mode available but this is locked until you get at least 12 champions to mastery (level) 4 or higher, the reason why this is good is because in these competitive games once a champion is selected on your team or enemies then no one else can select that champion, so it allows you to have enough skill with each champ if your main isnt there when its your turn to pick. 

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