How long would you last in a disaster! *

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So with so many post-apocalyptic shows on TV these days it begs the question who and how would you survive? Now myself, being a big fan of The Walking Dead, I have probably asked myself/thought of this question quite a lot. Where would I go? who would I stick with? where would I get supplies from and this handy infographic on the right kindly puts into context how long each perishable food would last and basically shows you what to eat and which foods would last through what disasters we see on TV.

Now for myself, I'm going to use the zombie apocalypse as a precursor to this writing. Now there are many other natural disasters that could occur where we need to fend for ourselves but zombies are probably the coolest and my favorite.

If I awoke one day to the inherent end of the world I don't know what my first move would be, contact family and loved ones probably, I'm guessing this would be most peoples first reactions to something like a zombie apocalypse. After I had assured my friends/family were safe I would definitely be heading to the nearest supermarket to raid supplies like that of food and things to use as weapons and for cooking. After I had supplies and cooking stuff etc, thinking about it now I would probably then head to my nearest city centre which would be Birmingham and then from there on I dont even know.

It's an interesting phenomenom, a zombie apocolypse because as we've seen on shows like TWD, peoples morals go out of the window and their own primitaive nature kicks in and survival takes precedent. Now I know TWD is a show and is made basically for ratings so there has to be some shock factor to it but I could really see some people turn into monsters just to survive.

So if there ever is a zombie apocalypse rest-assured I will be heading back to this post to use this chart for my future food scavenging and hey why don't you too! how ironic would it be that I would get more views on a blog post when the internet is not important anymore, hopefully, it never gets there but you never know.

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Infographic created by Data Label

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite - Review - Part 1

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As a huge fan of fighting games in general and the Marvel universe, I was very very excited for this game when it was first announced. My first introduction to Marvel fighting games was way back on the PS1 with a game called Marvel Superheros, which was (after some light online reading) was the first incarnation of all of the future fighting games, my friend told me to download MvC3 which kinda reignited my love for fighting games, so I went ahead and preordered the game and waited for it to be released.

Now first I'll get the slight downsides out of the way, the game was announced for a September 19th release but they told no one at what time in the day it would be released so like many other players on PC we waited for the 19th only to find it was quite late in the day to would be released, not the worst but a tiny bit annoying as I wanted to play asap. regardless once the game had downloaded I was very excited to get in and wreck some competition.

My one major gripe with the previous game was that there was no story mode which kinda had no justification of why the two universes had collided or were fighting each other, but this game completely changed that, it was the first thing I did in the game was to play through the story mode and wow! what a story mode it was. Most people were upset with the character roster for this game as there were no X-men (who had been in every previous game), no Dr. Doom, no Deadpool and various others. one thing I learned from the story mode is that although it seems like there isn't a lot of characters they have created some awesome characters that actually are difficult to master and each requires some training to learn what kinda fighter they are.

The story behind the game was absolutely fantastic, it follows all the characters from the game and their goal to track down the infinity stones before Ultron Sigma can do the same and take over the world (kinda cliche but it works). I don't remember the last time I was so engrossed in a story before (actually I can, MGS2). Everything about the story mode is brilliant the characters the voices, the cutscenes everything just seems to blend together very very well and at one point in the story I actually got goosebumps because of how into the game I was and I don't think a game has done that to date so well done MvC for really dragging me into the universe.  They even managed to handle humor very well in the game, with characters like Rocket Raccoon and Spiderman there are bound to be some one-liners somewhere in the game and the great part is again they fit very well and don't seem cheesy or out of place with the serious aspects of what took place.

In part 2 I'll go over what I think of the online modes and the different modes of gameplay that are in the game.

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Seamore - The interesting pasta alternative

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In a world where clean eating is everywhere and colourful images of different free form foods plague the realms of social media pages, I often find myself asking 'does this stuff actually taste nice or is it just an aesthetically pleasing post designed to attract likes, shares and publicity? '. With different celebrities pushing whoever they're being told to push how can you really trust what they're saying? well recently I was sent some pasta that puts a great twist on a classic dish!

Ever heard of Seamore pasta? nope neither had I, when I opened the package and saw the product I was sent, I was quite taken a back. Pasta made out of seaweed?! surely this isn't right, how has this even come to be a creation. After reading a bit about the product and the story behind the making of the pasta I was a tiny bit more inclined to try some. Now as a huge pasta eater (I mean like 75% of my diet) this was quite a interesting product to try. I had read through the instructions on the back of the packaging and they instruct you depending on how you want the pasta to taste. So if you just cook it like normal pasta it would have more of an ''ocean breeze'' or if you let it soak for 20-25 mins it would have a little hint  ''ocean breeze'', I opted for the latter and let it soak. Me and Alicia decided to do a seafood inspired dish because its seaweed so why not. I had also read a handy tip in the little booklet I received that the creator also used normal tagliatelle with the pasta to help his kids to get used to the texture and taste, so with this in mind I decided to do the same.

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A new mouse...

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So the great guys over at Media PR decided to send me some stuff to review, now one of the great things abut blogging is finding out about new tech things and also being able to give them a try. So when I come across a product that takes something simple and expands on its design and makes it better, I cant say no. So ladies and gentleman I give you the Penclic mouse.

What is the Penclic I here you say? Is it a pen? Is is a mouse? well my answer would be it is both. It is a mouse that has been designed in the shape of a pen, now some of you might be asking why would anyone want to do this? Well the guys over at Penclic have found out that you actually do cause some points of stress on your wrist and arms while using a mouse normally. It tends to be around the joints. What they have created is a more natural way of holding a mouse that will decrease these points of stress.

The pen itself has two buttons on it for left and right click and then a little scroll wheel so everything you can do on a normal mouse can be done on this one just as easy. I do have to admit after using it a couple of times it did feel a lot more natural, obviously when I fist used it my hand was like what the hell is this? why am I holding a pen? but I got used to quickly and adapted to it.

The pen comes with a handy little USB receiver (Yes! its wireless), rechargeable battery and a micro-USB cable for charging it up. Thats literally all you need to get started once its charged up, plug it in, let it install its drivers and you're away.  One nice use I've found is that when I'm on Photoshop this does help with editing and drawing as its more precise than my standard mouse, I like to think of it like if a pen/graphics tablet had a baby with a mouse. So basically taking the best of two already amazing devices and making one neat device.

"The most creative browser I have come across!"

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So the other day I found myself in the middle of a conundrum, why did I use Google Chrome? What made me pick this when I first used my computer? Now it is to be said I can guarantee most people will have heard of the main browsers out there on the market being Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge). but what would you say if I was to say there are others out there, all it does takes is a quick google search to find that there is a plethora of different web browsers out there which do a heap of different things. After doing a bit of googling I came across one that I have found that blows the others out of the water!!

Now if you follow me on twitter then you already know browser I am talking about. The browser itself is called 'Vivaldi' and it is, in one sentence, The most creative browser I have ever come across! Based off of the Chromium source it is built with customisation in mind. After downloading, the first couple of steps it takes you through is all of the essential bits and bobs of what most people want to do e.g. setting a colour or theme to make their browser feel like their own, and customising start pages to what they want, but its when you delve a bit deeper into the browser that you find its brilliance.

Now me myself I love to be able to customise and change everything according to my liking, i'm always changing everything too do with my PC so when I delved in to the settings of Vivaldi I was incredibly surprised, the amount of changeable settings here is amazing, everything from the tab bar to the icons in the search bar can be edited and changed according to your own preference and how you like them.

So one point to Vivaldi in my eyes, the next comes from their intuitive side tab bar, now most common browsers adopt the same tab style that we all know and love, that is where your tabs are at the top and you click to change tab, what Vivaldi does is it lets you put this bar on the side. not only that but if you hover over the tab it will give you a small preview of the actual open tab, it gets better as well as it allows certain tabs to be grouped and can be viewed with the different thumbnails, so an example of this is I keep all of my social media tabs in one succinct tab group so I can see all of them at once, check the picture below for an example of this.

Another great little point is that this browser is incredibly light in terms of system usage, for any of you geeks out there then you know this a great thing, sometimes when I have used the likes of Chrome, IE or Firefox I've found them to be quite 'system heavy' and find the disk usage is peaking at 100%, I have yet to encounter this with Vivaldi.

So who should download Vivaldi? I think if you use the internet everyday and like the idea of changing everything to suit your needs then its perfect for you, another great little point is that the team behind Vivaldi are always updating the browser so it keeps the system fresh and new features always being released, a big plus to them is their social media channels are always updated and they always welcome feedback or ideas that would make the browser better.

If you would like to try Vivaldi click the link below and I promise you wont be disappointed!! I honestly like this browser a lot so will probably write another post with more features and tips I have found while using it.