A new mouse...

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So the great guys over at Media PR decided to send me some stuff to review, now one of the great things abut blogging is finding out about new tech things and also being able to give them a try. So when I come across a product that takes something simple and expands on its design and makes it better, I cant say no. So ladies and gentleman I give you the Penclic mouse.

What is the Penclic I here you say? Is it a pen? Is is a mouse? well my answer would be it is both. It is a mouse that has been designed in the shape of a pen, now some of you might be asking why would anyone want to do this? Well the guys over at Penclic have found out that you actually do cause some points of stress on your wrist and arms while using a mouse normally. It tends to be around the joints. What they have created is a more natural way of holding a mouse that will decrease these points of stress.

The pen itself has two buttons on it for left and right click and then a little scroll wheel so everything you can do on a normal mouse can be done on this one just as easy. I do have to admit after using it a couple of times it did feel a lot more natural, obviously when I fist used it my hand was like what the hell is this? why am I holding a pen? but I got used to quickly and adapted to it.

The pen comes with a handy little USB receiver (Yes! its wireless), rechargeable battery and a micro-USB cable for charging it up. Thats literally all you need to get started once its charged up, plug it in, let it install its drivers and you're away.  One nice use I've found is that when I'm on Photoshop this does help with editing and drawing as its more precise than my standard mouse, I like to think of it like if a pen/graphics tablet had a baby with a mouse. So basically taking the best of two already amazing devices and making one neat device.

"The most creative browser I have come across!"

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So the other day I found myself in the middle of a conundrum, why did I use Google Chrome? What made me pick this when I first used my computer? Now it is to be said I can guarantee most people will have heard of the main browsers out there on the market being Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge). but what would you say if I was to say there are others out there, all it does takes is a quick google search to find that there is a plethora of different web browsers out there which do a heap of different things. After doing a bit of googling I came across one that I have found that blows the others out of the water!!

Now if you follow me on twitter then you already know browser I am talking about. The browser itself is called 'Vivaldi' and it is, in one sentence, The most creative browser I have ever come across! Based off of the Chromium source it is built with customisation in mind. After downloading, the first couple of steps it takes you through is all of the essential bits and bobs of what most people want to do e.g. setting a colour or theme to make their browser feel like their own, and customising start pages to what they want, but its when you delve a bit deeper into the browser that you find its brilliance.

Now me myself I love to be able to customise and change everything according to my liking, i'm always changing everything too do with my PC so when I delved in to the settings of Vivaldi I was incredibly surprised, the amount of changeable settings here is amazing, everything from the tab bar to the icons in the search bar can be edited and changed according to your own preference and how you like them.

So one point to Vivaldi in my eyes, the next comes from their intuitive side tab bar, now most common browsers adopt the same tab style that we all know and love, that is where your tabs are at the top and you click to change tab, what Vivaldi does is it lets you put this bar on the side. not only that but if you hover over the tab it will give you a small preview of the actual open tab, it gets better as well as it allows certain tabs to be grouped and can be viewed with the different thumbnails, so an example of this is I keep all of my social media tabs in one succinct tab group so I can see all of them at once, check the picture below for an example of this.

Another great little point is that this browser is incredibly light in terms of system usage, for any of you geeks out there then you know this a great thing, sometimes when I have used the likes of Chrome, IE or Firefox I've found them to be quite 'system heavy' and find the disk usage is peaking at 100%, I have yet to encounter this with Vivaldi.

So who should download Vivaldi? I think if you use the internet everyday and like the idea of changing everything to suit your needs then its perfect for you, another great little point is that the team behind Vivaldi are always updating the browser so it keeps the system fresh and new features always being released, a big plus to them is their social media channels are always updated and they always welcome feedback or ideas that would make the browser better.

If you would like to try Vivaldi click the link below and I promise you wont be disappointed!! I honestly like this browser a lot so will probably write another post with more features and tips I have found while using it.


Infinity Crate : May

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So yet another month, yet another infinity crate! As per usual I was very excited to receive this infinity crate, but low and behold because I have recently moved it was sent out to the wrong address. Not the worst thing as it was redelivered in a couple of days which just made me open it more!!

As soon as it arrived I knew what to expect a new shirt and a new POP figure, this is the great thing about the infinity crate because I just get more and more to add to my collection of POPs and another shirt(saves me having to constantly buy new ones! Below as usual is an image of what was in the box this month and i'll talk through all of the little bits and bobs.

So where do I begin with what I got in this months crate? well lets strat with the biggest thing the shirt! Now as a big batman fan I was very very pleased with this random short as I thin k it looks hella cool and the fact the joker is made up of "ha ha's" and Batman is made up of bats just make this such a cool design, I dont know of this beats my Star Lord Shirt though?

Sticking with the Batman theme i'll move onto the vinyl sticker in the top right, plain and simple when I get a sticker it goes straight onto my guitar, so this one fit nicely onto the body of my guitar and every sticker I get in the future will have the same fate.

The sonic spork was a nice little bonus, i have to admit I am not a big fan of Doctor Who but I still think its pretty awesome and actually is really handy because now if I have two out of the  three main bits of cutlery in one!!

Now onto the little ginger dude in teh bottom left corner, the mystery POP figure in this months crate, if you couldn't tell already he is from the harry potter series. No he is not ron, it is in actual fact his brother George weasley, again the great thing about the infinity crate is I am now amassing a collection of different nerdy things and not having to pick them myself so the randomness is actual really cool.

Last but not least I have the catwoman figure in the top right, now this was a surprise as I got a saruman figure just like this one last week, I have decided to keep these in their boxes like a good nerd just incase one day (I doubt it) they are worth any form of money.

And there you go thats what I got in my May infinity crate! Apologies for it being posted so late, i'll try to keep on track with these now! Dont forget to share the page and tweet me @lukedonovan3

Till next time

WTFactory Phone Cases

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Sooooooo today I bring you a review I have been waiting to wrote for so long now, about a month and a half ago I was contacted by WTFactory to test out their new phone cases! From first looks on their websites at the cases I was pleased to see that they had made a case that kept the thinness of modern phones while offering protection from dropping your phone, which I guess we can all agree is the biggest problem in most of our lives. So I couldnt wait to get the case to try it out.

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The Sticker Shop Review

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So the other day I was contacted to do a little review of http://www.stickershop.co.uk/  They sent me out some stickers for free and now I am writing this review to let you all know what I think of them, so keep reading and enjoy!

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