Noddy's Toyland Detective

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Hi there guys, today I am going to review the Noddy Toyland Detective app. When I was originally contacted to try this app out I was a bit apprehensive as I knew that this app was more geared towards young children and not a 22 year old, but I thought why not, what bad could come from trying it at least.The app itself is made by Kuato Studios who after some initial research seem to make apps aimed at the younger audiences nevertheless I downloaded the app with an open mind ready for anything.

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Review

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So a couple of months ago a friend of mine from work was selling a brand new Razer keyboard and mouse. I had never used a Razer product before but having seen the price of each item I thought I could not pass this offer as it was so cheap. Anyway I proceeded to buy them off of my friend and my oh my was I not disappointed, let me explain...

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I signed up to Infinity Crate!

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So the other day I decided to do something I had always wanted to do but never actually did, I signed up to a subscription box. For those who dont know what one of these is, let me explain very briefly. You pay a fee per month and the company send you out a box of stuff that is random but fits with a certain theme, now I have seen a massive increase in these kinds of boxes ranging from healthy things to sweets and everything in between.

I originally was going to sign up for lootcrate (as they were the ones I had heard a lot about) but when I went on to their website I found out you payed for all of your boxes in one then they would send them out in the coming months, whereas I didnt want to do this, so i looked around for a bit and managed to find a company called Infinity Crate, now the reason I signed up to these guys was because not only is it cheap (£16.99 for the standard box, £23.99 for the premium) but when you sign up you write in what your favourite shows, films, comics, gadgets etc are amd then the stuff they sen ypu will be in relation to this, So this just makes everything in the box random but still customisable to what you like. Another benefit is you get a guaranteed Tee and POP figure with every box, so like that is just pure awesome!

Since I signed up I have been waiting eagerly to receive my first box because I know it will be awesome and I just cant wait, when I do receive it I will be posting a review up on my blog so keep checking back for that.

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A rebrand is in order

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So as of recently I have decided to have a little rebrand on my blog, the reason behind this is that I have had the same kind of layout/header/website since I started this whole thing just around two years ago now (wow....I never thought I would have done this for so long, its crazy!).

So in the coming weeks you may see some changes on my blog, I will say the new header I have planned WILL be so much better than what I already have and I think will help my blog become more of a individual brand amongst all the other great blogs out there! Sometimes just sitting down with someone who can actually draw and bouncing ideas off actually turns into something amazing!

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Mixing the old with the new?

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So everyone like mixing the old with the new right? Its the way so much goes these days old things coming back round full circle and making their way into popular culture nowadays, well thats exactly what HP have done recently to showcase their new range of HP Business Printers

HP invited 10 bloggers down to (im guessing a secret location?) to mix old with the new do a new take on the generation game having the printer take up the mantle of the conveyor belt and having the bloggers remember as many of the printed pictures as possible. While this is all a bit of fun it really does showcase the speed of which the new printers can print at, in almost 10 seconds I can see the printer has printed 10+ pages. By modern printing standards I think that this is pretty impressive. Technology is advancing and moving so much faster as time goes on, its only a matter of time before we have robot butlers and servants!

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