The importance of time *

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Wow it feels like forever since I last wrote one of these...anyway today I would like to talk to you about the importance of time management and why it plays such a big part in my life and probably yours too.

Now you probably dont realise it but time management is such an important factor in everyone's life even if you dont realise it. If its working , blogging and keeping on a schedule or even just timing yourself at the gym, without proper time management we would all be lost, and thats the weirdest part about it is that without the construct of time how would we normally operate. Now in my life at the moment my life literally consists of working, hanging out with friends going the the gym. Again this is where time comes in because you have to dedicate the right amount of time to each individual task otherwise sometimes stuff just dont work out.

I have come to realise over several months now that time is also a great healer  (sounds cheesy and cliche, I know) but it honestly is, sometimes just giving a situation time makes whatever it is a whole lot better.

Time is a man made concept but it is also a great one at that, without it I dont think we would be able to cope with the daily ins and outs of life or be able to plan ahead for the future. Time is important in everyones life whether they admit it or not!!

Some other people who require synchronous time managment is Formula 1 drivers Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kyvat, check out why they need to stay synced up below.

2016 Tech Wishlist *

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Hello there people, well today I thought that I would do a Tech wishlist, basically me just listing some of my favourite gadgets that I have found online and would really like to try out. So without further ado here we go.

1. 4K Panasonic  TV
As a lover of TV's and having to sell them on a daily basis, I have to say this TV is pure brilliance, A stunning 4K Panel, HDR technology and quite possibly one of the nicest looking TV's ive seen in a long time. The actual stand is two triangular points on either side and the TV just floats! Awesome right! Oh and in comes with a free bar of sound (basically a soundbar).

2. VR gadgets
Now as technology improves and we become more dependant on it, I can really see VR taking off just like iphones have nowadays, VR is just completely amazing I cant really do it justice, its one of those things that when you try you're instantly converted, one day I hope for some VR cinema experiences which I think would be amazing.

3. GoPro Cameras
Simply put these cameras are now being used for everything and not just extreme sports, fusing real great quality recording with the added fact you can literally get attachments for basically anything make this a sure buy, even with the Hero 4 Black filming in 4K.

4. Drones
If you've not been under a rock for the past couple of years then you would've seen drones around everywhere, they have really taken off (pun intended). Why wouldn't you want your own controllable drone? some of these even come with built in cameras, its basically every teenage boy's dream to have one of these bad boys.

3 tech-based ways of displaying photos *

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Hi there guys. Now i'm sure we all have photos around our house regardless of how old we are or how long we have lived there, photos make a house a home and definitely make it feel a lot more homely, what I am going to get across today is just some different ways that you might be able to view photos around your home using technology!

The first way I would say is very out there but still handy, got a smart tv? got some friends round? want to show off you holiday snaps, just get the companion app for your tv and just send over your photos and view them full size and in all the glorious detail of the big screen, you'll be able to show off your fancy features of your TV and make your friends jealous of them amazing holiday you went on not too long ago.

Leading nicely on from that is the next best way if you don't have a smart TV, I'm sure you would have heard of digital photo frames, no longer do you need just one picture, you can have an assortment saved onto a memory stick or USB and just let it play through all of the photos and have an ever changing photo experience based on what you like.

The last way again slightly techier but still a very awesome way and that most people already do, Instead of using frames why not just print out your pictures and stick them to the wall. This is probably the most creative way on the list as it really is up to you how and where you stick the photos, you can group photos in so many ways that really means something to you, so for personalization this comes out tops, the video below just kinda shows how this can be achieved.

Are children too addicted to technology?

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So I have just read a news article about primary children who are now entering their first years of school but lack basic speech and hygiene skills but can unlock a smartphone. To me this is a very shocking statistic, I mean the rate of which kids are using technology these days is insane, the article quotes that 79% of kids tested now lack the social skills they need to have to be at the expected level when they enter school.

I do think that this is such a shame because  as much as I love technology and will swear by it, I really do think that children are being introduced to it too early on in their lives. Children these days are so caught up in the realms of the online world that it is is denting their own interpersonal skills, now I am no psychologist or anything, I am just going on my own views and opinions of the situation. I think it's terrible that a child would probably be more likely to want to sit at home and go online rather than go outside and play around with other kids or anything else. Another thing is that the internet is such a 'Un-policeable' setting, Think about it, the more kids that go online really dont have the skills to actually differ from what is right and wrong online, the easier it is for predators to target them. In my opinion there really does need to be more strict rules or safeguards in place for kids online.

I understand that there really is no way to avoid it as technology is prominent in all households now and it is not going away but people need to do more to help kids develop in terms of social skills and in terms of what happens in the real world

Graze: My First impressions!

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So as everyone knows I am a huge fan of eating healthy and eating clean, well the other day I decided to sign up for Graze, Now if you have never heard of Graze before then let me explain. Graze is a company that send you out a little box of customised snacks every couple of weeks or so.

Now I have always seen the Graze ads on TV and all over the internet but I never really stopped and thought whether I actually was interested in it or not.I always thought it was rubbish but OH how I was wrong. The Thought came to me when I was in work eating my lunch and I was buying Graze products everyday and paying a stupid amount of money for them, I thought why am I paying like £1.20 for something when I could get a box sent out to me every couple of weeks and save some money, so as soon as i got home I went onto their website and signed up. 

The actual website is brilliant, really easy to use and really awesome, signing up is as easy as ever and the great thing is that you're constantly reminded that you only get charged once the box has actually been sent out( which is awesome) You pay for what you get!!. In terms of what actually in the box, is completely up to you! Yes Graze do offer various different boxes packed with different snacks such as Variety, Protein and light but the real magic comes from the fact that you can individually go through each snack and say whether you like, love, hat or want to try it. This will obviously factor into future boxes so i think this is real handy, also every box is random so it really does keep it interesting! I have currently had one box that consisted of  Strawberries and cream yoghurt topper, Cocoa and vanilla flapjack, Punchy protein Nut and Louisiana Wild rice and beans. All of the snacks were brilliant and really actually fit quite well into packed lunches! They also cater to allergies and teh like as well so no worries there! 

Another addition to this is that if you really want loads you can change the frequency  in which you get sent the boxes, I have one every two weeks but I may change to one every week soon so that I've got some snacks for my lunch all the time. I would highly recommend these boxes to everyone as an alternative to chocolate bars or unhealthier snacks as these are really good for you and taste so nice. 

Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free using the code : LUKED97NB