Battle Of The Technologies - Chrome and Firefox

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Well this is my first post on my new segment known as 'Battle Of the Technologies', If you read my blog schedule you'll know what this post is about if not let me give you a quick insight. Basically I take two pieces of software, hardware, games, devices etc, anything and do a comparison of the two, to dub which i think is better. So without further ado here's the first Face off.

This week its between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Two of the main internet browsers around today. These two (in recent years) have overshadowed and completely decimated the old outdated Internet Explorer. Let me start off by saying that I like both of these browsers for different reasons and dislike them for other reasons, but regardless they are used to browse the internet so everyone must ultimately choose one. Lets start with Chrome. This browser has a very nice minimal approach to its user interface. Not too much is going on when you are using it, all you pretty much get is your tabs at the top, an address bar and some buttons for favorites, refreshing the page and for settings. This is a very good way to have everything as I feel like anyone of any age can use this browser. Its simple and effective. In the settings there are various different settings that you can tweak with if you are nerdier than other people, there's a variety of addons that can be added at the users discretion, Also this browser feels alot faster than others. This browser in my opinion is great but lacks in one department... and that is customization. Because of the very small address bar when customization is applied (which it can be) it is very small and you cant really see it so it doesn't really make much difference to not having one which doesn't allow the user to personalize their own experience.

Using the Chrome browser

Now for Firefox, like Chrome it has a very minimalist approach to the way everything is setup on the screen. same kinda layout, same buttons BUT!!!! Firefox has checked in on the modern user and has realized people download all the time so added an 'Ongoing Download' button. This was a very nice touch as it makes it easier to see all downloads in one place and the progress of them all. Also (like Chrome) there are a variety of addons for this browser. I feel like Firefox has a better user experience in terms of customization and the selection of it. There are hundreds of themes that a user can select from and apply to the browser, this is probably because they are all mostly user created. I like Firefox for this reason. Speed-wise I find it a tiny bit slower than Chrome but still fast enough to browse comfortably.

Using the Firefox browser (see the similarities )

In summary I think that I like Chrome better as it feels faster and the minimal feel is great. I don't really mind sacrificing the customization as I don't feel this is necessary for browsing the internet. They are both great, great browsers and have different approaches to online browsing, but this time due to the speed I think Chrome has edged above Firefox.

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  1. Considering i have both installed, i find Chrome easier and quicker to use!
    Love Vicki |