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Hi my name is Luke and I've decided to start a blog about all things technical and nerdy. Pretty much anything i find to be technical and geeky i'll post about. These blog posts could range on a ton of different things such as Games, Gadgets, Accessories, Music, Lifestyle, Guitars, Fitness, Health, Tattoos and  maybe some fashion etc. Basically if i find something awesome i'll probably end up writing a blog post on it. I look forward to starting this blog and actually keeping the posts coming, its seems like a very interesting concept and im really excited to see what happens. 

I'll post most days with new content and hopefully keep this up. This was just a brief introduction to what my blog will be, might be and should be about as my blog is called Not Your Average Nerd. i aim to write a post later on about some games that i enjoyed growing up, or maybe i might write about the albums that i enjoyed growing up, or maybe something different? ah well who knows maybe i'll just do it all and flood this with loads of posts in one day. In the meantime i'll leave you with my favorite song at the moment in a link at the bottom of the page, Anyway until later on when i actually write the post thanks for stopping by and i hope you enjoy "Deer in the Headlights" by The Dead Rabbitts!!

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend for getting me into this :) (her blog link is below)


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