First Blogger Chat Experience

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Well I've just finished my first two blogger chats. They were really cool. I can honestly say that the blogging community is really friendly and nice to newer bloggers who don't really know what they are doing on there. Obviously at first its really overwhelming trying to keep up with everything, but once you gt into the swing of things it really does get easier. within 20 minutes i was replying to everyone and answering questions and everything. I found that the #fblchat was more beauty based, there was not a load of male bloggers on here which a I think may have helped me to stand out amongst the hundreds of other bloggers talking at that time. But regardless i had a really good time with this chat and the #fblchat allowed me to learn the ways of the blogger chats.

The next chat that I joined was the #bloghour chat. This chat was more based on general blogs, so really anyone could join in. This chat was also alot of fun with my notification page on twitter just constantly needing to be updated to keep up with the amount of favourites and replies. It was great! before i started to blog, I had already had a twitter with around 1000 followers and in 2 hours i have had more favourites and replies than what i have done in my whole time on twitter. I cant wait till my next blogger chat which will be tomorrow at 7pm. Anyway until then, Stay awesome and thanks for reading.


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