First Blogger Chat!!

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Well I've been blogging for not even a day and in about 35 minutes I'll be participating in my first ever blogger chat. I've been told that blogger chats are hosted on Twitter and people participate by using different hash-tags. Tonight I'll be joining in the #fblchat and #bloghour chats. I am actually genuinely excited about these chats as it gives me a chance to see other bloggers and their own sites and hopefully get some people viewing mine. Each different chat is specific to something different so one day in the future I might try and organise my own blogger chats about specific nerdier things haha...but that's waaaaay in the future as I'm only still a tiny spec on the blogger radar. But hey lets hope it goes well, and if your viewing this during the chat then, hello and thank you for viewing my blog. I hope you like it. Well here goes off to the blogger chats!!!


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