Gadget Review - R2D2 Wallet

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This is possible my favourite wallet of all time. WHY!? I hear you ask, well the reason why I think that this wallet is so awesome is because its a fricken R2D2 wallet, what couldn't be better for a pretty big Star Wars fan then having R2 hold all of your cards and money. Nothing that's what haha! but in all seriousness i think that this wallet is a really nifty wallet and a ton better than the one that I had previous.

This wallet is made from PVC and has nylon string to hold it all together, it features (obviously) an R2D2 print on the front and back, the inside is coloured blue and has 4 slots for cards, one big main slot for cash and a smaller zip slot for coins. One of these card slots is see through so this is great if you have ID that needs showing When closed the dimensions of this wallet are 107 mm when closed (so it can fit in your pocket) and 210 mm
when open.

My general opinion on this product is that it is a really good, handy wallet that has enough spots for cards and cash. Its big bold print of R2D2 just makes it that much better for any avid Star Wars fan (like myself). My only criticism of this wallet is that the zip up coin slot is very small and some of the times I really cannot put any coins in there, so i try to stay away from putting coins in this wallet as it makes it feel a bit more bulky. Other than that though its great. This wallet was purchased for me from MensKind for £14.99, Basically a very good wallet for the price.


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