Game Review Friday - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

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Hello and welcome to my segment known as Game Review Friday (might get a better name soon), In this post today I'm going to review none other than the recently released Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. If you're an avid Metal Gear fan like myself then when this game was released on PC, you probably wouldn't have waited and brought it straight away. Which is what I did. This game is none other than awesomeness defined. Not only does it carry on an already amazingly and complex story-line of events but it does so with amazing graphics and superb voice acting and cutscenes. This game is only a prequel to the actual game 'The Phantom Pain' kinda like The 'tanker' chapter in MGS2 or The 'Virtuous' Mission  in MGS3

This game is a continuation from the events of Peace Walker, Snake (Big Boss) is sent into Camp Omega to extract two prisoners. Paz Ortega and Chico. Throughout this mission snake is helped out by Kazuhira Miller who provides Operational Support and helps with the tutorial. This whole game is run on the newly created FOX engine and my god, It is an amazing engine to run a game on, It really does help to have a good PC to run this game on to fully witness the beauty of this engine (even though it does run on lower spec PC's. This game features a new voice actor for Big Boss as well, when this voice actor was announced it was not well received by die hard fans. Kiefer Sutherland was announced by Konami to be Snakes voice. This was not helped because David Hayter (who has played snake throughout the entire series) said he did not hear anything about this. I was delighted to hear Kiefer as Snake, as I am a massive fan of 24 in general so this was a great decision by Kojima.

This games is very much a 'tech demo' of sorts to just show what's to come in The Phantom Pain and honestly I cannot wait. Even the side ops are amazing. For such a little game there is so much to unlock and even Hideo Kojima himself makes a cameo. One of the side missions allow you to relive all of the fun of Shadow Moses and you are tasked with recreating certain parts and memorable moments from the first MGS. Basically a massive throwback to everything that worked. Completing this allows you to play as the solid snake MGS1 skin. Also fans of revengence are not left out as (again) you can play as the cyborg ninja raiden, although without the use of his sword (sadly :\) but still its a great throwback to both main characters. Both have different costumes such as playing as Grey Fox (Big Boss surprisingly enough) and having Raidens cyborg suit in grey.

All in all a great prequel to The Phantom Pain if you are a die hard MGS fan and a little spoiler(so stop reading if you don't want one), (Seriously!!!) OK.. you've been warned. The ending where Paz blows up and you head back to Motherbase and all hell breaks loose is one of the greatest gaming moments in MGS history in my opinion. Big Boss just turns into a boss and shows how he got the name. This game is one hell of a prequel and carries fills in the gaps of Big Bosses past (that we don't know too much about), I cannot wait for The Phantom Pain to be released on PC later this year. It will be my favorite game on PC no doubt.


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