Game Review Friday - Star Wars: The Force Collection

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Hi, as today is Friday that means its Game Review Friday, now when I was deciding on what game to do a post on and it suddenly sprung into my mind that we all are quite avid gamers to some extent when it comes to mobile devices so why not do a mobile game. So I decided to pick my favourite game (at the moment ). This game is called Star Wars : The Force Collection (wow, I do a lot of Star Wars related posts, promise I'm just a huge fan). This game is a free game currently on the IOS app store and Google play market. It fuses the Star Wars universe with a fun trading card aspect. Kinda like what Fifa did with ultimate team.

The basic premise of this game is to basically (like every other card game out there) to collect all the cards in the game. The cards vary from 1 star to 5 star cards and the rarer the cards then the stronger. Each card is based off of a character in the star wars universe with the more mainstream characters such as Anakin, Luke, Yoda, The Emperor, Ja Ja Binks etc being the higher and rarer 5 star cards whereas smaller characters such as Greedo, Sebulba, Beru Lars, Owen Lars etc. These cards when collected can be used in a formation (basically placed on the battlefield ) to fight others cards. This is one of the various modes that the player can choose from. There is a story (of some sort) in this game. When you start the game you must choose which side you are on "light" or "dark". This just affects the enemies that you encounter along the way. This game also allows you to enhance and evolve cards to make them stronger and build better formations. 

This game like many other smartphone games employs the (what I call) the life system, in which you have a certain amount of lives and when you use them these lives refresh over time. This game allows you to do that and this helps to make the game more addictive as you always want to get higher cards but cant due to lives, it's like being drip fed a game per say. At the start of every day there is a plethora of bonus's and giveaways that help new players to get stronger cards and each day you get one free card pack.

All in all this game is a very fun game, I personally think this game is one that is used to pass the time and not intended to have a deep and meaningful story. One problem that I have come across is that this game is dependant on an active connection so it does eat up your 3g like nothing. \i would like to see an "offline" update but even though it doesn't have this yet it still is great game that I will no doubt come back to.


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