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Hello readers and welcome to "His say, Her say" in which me and my girlfriend take a subject or topic and give our honest opinions on it, whether they are good or bad. The first topic that for this segment is about online relationships. Is online the "new" way to date?

Now as a technology blogger i'm on the fence about meeting people and starting relationships online. I shouldn't be though. I should be all for it, but for some reason I cant put myself forward and say i'm fully for starting relationships online. I can easily see both sides of the argument. I mean whats not great about being able to put all of your hobbies and likes into a search engine (of sorts) and have it come back with someone who is suited to your likes and dislikes. It also allows for people to meet others that they probably would never have had a chance to meet, and this is all great until you look at the slightly "darker" side of things.

Now at University I study Cyber-Security so already i'm curious about what I post online. There's so much anonymity online that its impossible to tell if someone is real or not, if they are someone pretending to be someone they are not. I'm sure everyone has heard of Catfish:The TV show. Well this helps to highlight the growing problem of people taking up fake profiles online and using them to forge online relationships. Aren't relationships supposed to be built on trust? Just last night I watched a documentary in which a 47 year old man lied online and got into a relationship with a "18" year old girl, who then had a relationship with someone else online and the 47 year old killed the other guy (pretty messed up love triangle if you ask me). This was already messed up but then we find out the the "girl" is actually the real girls mother and is using her pictures and likeness online. Seems like the catfish equivalent of a double bluff. This bring me on to my next point very nicely, being criminality.

Now i'm not saying that every person you talk to online is bad, there's actually some really nice, truthful people out there but there is also some bad people (as with everything). These bad people use the internet to lure unsuspecting people to them and sometimes they can do terrible things as a result of this. Luckily for me when I met my girlfriend Jess online she did turn out to be who she said she was (phew!). As social media grows so will internet dating. It will get bigger although good that can also be bad. The way to stop the bad things is to just be a bit more careful online and what you post, and for the select few who disagree with online dating, then my advice to you would be to accept it because we now live online, everything we do, we do online so get with the times or be stuck in the past. Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Interesting subject. I had a similar conversation with a colleague of mine who's recently started trying Tinder and all those apps. She is loving it and I think a big part of it is to not take too seriously. A lot of people furiously create profiles and download apps with the hopes of walking down the isle in weeks - that is not how it all works though! Security is a bigger issue. I think there are still way too many dodgy peeps out there for online dating to be truly honest and fun!

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