My Top Ten Games Growing Up

I've decide to do a blog post about the top 10 video games from my childhood, I've decided to do this because I have always played games and have enjoyed them from a very young age. I think I first started playing video back when i was about 6 or 7. Back then the most high end console was a Gameboy Colour or PlayStation 1. These two consoles were the sole reason that I love games today. Without further ado i give you my top ten video games from my childhood....

 10. Croc (PS1)

Now this game is fun, simply put. Who wouldn't love this game. You play as Croc, a lovable friendly green crocodile who must run around and save these little orange dudes called gobbos. This game combined the simplistic nature of a platformer with some puzzles which makes for an interesting game especially when I was so young, The whole game is very simplistic especially the backdrops and the fact that croc has no real voice. All in all this game was a very fun platformer which i rather enjoyed as a kid.

9. Onimusha 2 (PS2)

This game is the one exception to the rule of mine for this blog (originally i was only meant to write about games on the gameboy and ps1 but for this game ill make an exception) I remember buying this game and looking at the cover and thinking awesome!! This game is a pure Japanese samurai beat em up, and who couldnt love that. You play as a man called Jubei Yagyu who is seeking revenge on a demon overlord called Nobunaga Oda, across the game you are quested with defeating various boss's and gaining different powers which ultimately allow for more deadly combos, You gain different companions along the storyline, these characters are also playable. I never did complete this game as one of the bosses was too difficult for me as a child. If I could now (and could find the time) I would definitely play this game again as I find the concept to be fun and also I feel that there is not many good beat em ups on the market at the moment.

8. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (PS1)

Now this game was fun! like croc in so many ways but so different, now looking back on it, it does seem like a more "grown up" version of croc in the sense that you play as a character that you just instantly connect with and you have to save your friends from an evil overlord. Besides the point this game is brilliant!! In this game you play as a worker called Abe who works at rupture farms. Long story short he finds out a plan to enslave all of the mudokans (Abe's Race) and sets out to save them all, during this he finds out he has all these crazy powers and uses them to save the mudokans before being killed. This game fused great storytelling with a fun way to play which wasn't very mainstream at the time. This game was a sidescroller and my god did it work well as one. The Backdrops for most of the game were amazing and complimented the game very well and helped the player to feel at times secluded and alone like Abe. Another amazing point to this game was the CGI. The sequences engrossed me as a kid and I actually felt scared and worried for Abe when i first saw the opening sequence. I recently bought this game on steam so I will definitely be playing this again very soon.

7. Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins (GB)

Now this game is probably the oldest one in the list. I remember playing this on my mums old gamboy. This game was and is still a classic. It took the already well known Mario and threw him into another wild variety of puzzles, all to take back his castle which has been taken over by Wario. In this game there are various different sections (or worlds) that Mario must traverse through to gain the 6 Golden Coins in which he uses to open the gate that Wario has placed on the gate to his castle. The one world that really stands out in my memory is the one that is based off of lego, this level was probably the funnest in the whole game for me as a kid for some weird reason, This game provided me with hours of fun and if there was ever a game that needed a current gen remake I personally would pick this... even if it is in black and white!

6. Tekken 2 (PS1)

Now this game takes me back to me growing up in primary school (elementary if you're American) everyday i would attend an after school club in which there was a PS1 they had a variety of games but no matter what everyone would play this game. we would play winner stays on in versus matches against each other and my god was this fun, there was such a vast array of characters that any young child would find amazing. From Paul with his zero gravity hair to Yoshimitsu with his sword wielding craziness. It was a brillint line up complimented by a brilliant fighting system that had been honed from the first Tekken. This game had different storylines for each character some of which were serious and followed the main story and some of which were just there for comedic purposes. My favourite character on this game as a child was Kunimitsu, she pretty much was a carbon copy of Yoshimitsu just with a new character model. Some of my memories go back to everyone playing as Law. I dont know how but someone figured out his spinny-kick move which then everyone spammed constantly while fighting as him, twas a bit annoying but still fun. As with every serious fighting game series they always make sequels so there's no need to say about remakes or anything.

5. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PS1)

Crash Bandicoot 2 was just one of those games that everyone as a kid has played and played to point of having their disc break, this game was amazing. Again it included a really fun protagonist that allowed the player to connect with and some decent puzzles in which sometimes caused frustration but not enough to make you stop playing. It had a fun storyline in which kept me as a child and even now as a young adult quite engrossed haha, This game was based on a central warp room which gave the player access to each level. During each level was a purple crystal which the player had to collect to move on forward with the story. Me and my sisters used to love this game so much. With each different level brang a different challenge and more enemies, after every floor a boss battle would ensue, these boss battles were not too difficult that you could never do them, neither were they too easy that you could breeze through them. This game also offered tons of options and points where you could play again. Every level had the option of hitting every box and being awarded a gem, collecting all of the gems would gain a special secret ending. Needless to say as a kid this was to hard for me to achieve but I think if I decided to play this game again it would still provide some challenge. This game could easily be replayed and enjoyed today by gamers of all ages.

4.Pokemon Sapphire (GBA)

Again this is an exception in this list because I don't think this list couldn't be complete without mentioning at least one Pokemon game. This game still provides joy for many of gamers around the world today (albeit the remake). This game like every other Pokemon game had the same story and followed the main protagonist through his journey from amateur trainer to Pokemon league champion. This game allowed for the player to find a Pokemon and train them up, through this levelling up different Pokemon would evolve and learn different moves. this game had everything involved. A complex variety of Pokemon that could be caught and used in battle with varying strengths and weaknesses. Also this game introduced new legendaries which of course like every Pokemon game were game specific. Kyogre was Sapphires legendary and of course when I battled him for the first time as a child I used my master ball thinking nothing of it, little did i know that there was another stronger Pokemon that could be found, this Pokemon was called Rayquazza. for some weird reason I can vaguely remember catching Kyogre and renaming him to Shrek, don't know why I did this but hey oh well. I would talk about the remake of this game Alpha Sapphire but that would mean another massive paragraph because they added so much into an already massive game. of course this game can be played again and will probably be played forever and go down as one of the greatest Pokemon games. 

3. Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

Now this game took the whole industry by storm, in fact it didn't only take it by storm, it revolutionized the gaming industry, if you ask any avid gamer about a stealth game then they will mention this game, dubbed 'tactical espionage action' this game took gaming in general to a whole new level. This game is centered around the main protagonist Solid Snake who is sent into a nuclear weapons facility to stop a renegade special forces unit from taking over. The earliest memories i have of this game is playing the demo on one of the many demo discs that I owned. I believe that this game was on teh first demo disc that i got with my PS1. Back then just the first area scared the living out of me and that alert noise when you get seen, my god did that scare me as a child, but still nevertheless i always found myself coming back to playing the demo over and over as a kid. It wasn't till a couple of years later and my dad's friend borrowed me the game that i really grasped what Metal Gear really was and the pure epicness of it. This game took everything that needed to be put into a stealth game and improved on it so much, this to me is of of the first games to really have a cinematic approach to storytelling (through the cutscenes). These were beautiful, and dragged players deeper and deeper into the story. Another upside to this game was the 4th wall dynamics. During possibly one of the most memorable boss battles ever (apart from The End in MGS3) a psychic known as psycho Mantis attempts to read your mind and in actual fact reads your memory card, this blew my god dammed little child mind!!!!! this game is definitely one of my personal favorites but was beaten by soul edge for one reason and one reason only....

2. Soul Blade (PS1)

This one game was my childhood pretty much, this was in my opinion better than tekken. it fused the fighting nature of tekken with weapons. this game had a variety of different quirky characters in which each can be customized with different colors. This game also included the best soundtrack/Opening video in the history of gaming. I remember when first playing this game hearing that opening and feeling so happy, the music was so uplifting and the video complimented this nicely.  Even when playing the opening again my whole childhood flashes before my eyes and it just takes me back to them days. This game is my favorite fighting franchise and I still play soulcalibur 5. 

1. Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)

prepare for the best game ever, this game was and is my favourite game ever. i have completed this game countless times both the PS2 version and the HD remake of it. This game took everything that Metal Gear Solid 1 had and vastly improved on it. I've played this game so much that I can pretty much quote the whole game from memory, this games story revolves around the kind of same plot as the first game, but there is a reason for this which is explained in the game. This game combines stealth with epic storytelling and even throws in the odd conspiracy theory. This game also featured one of the most mind-blowingly scary moments in my childhood. If you've played this game then you'll know what i'm talking about, if not i'll just hint at it, Arsenal gear Jejunum. Needless to say if you know what i'm talking about then I listened to the colonel and turned off my console! This game has provided me with days of playing and i've spent so many days playing, the HD remake then allowed me to relive this game again. The HD remake was the first game that I got every achievement for. I will always play this game and i will never have a bad word about it.

Well if you've managed to read all of this post then all I can say is thank you and I didn't actually mean for it to be so lengthy, it just kinda happened like that.  But hey thanks for reading and have a good day!!!!!!! 



  1. I loved Pokemon! I think my older brother may of had an influence but it is such a cool game! My inner geek coming out.

    Amy -

    1. Pokemon will always be a great game (even if they do add some weird pokemon into them((the ice cream cone one )) dont worry about letting your inner geek out, its what my blogs about :D thanks for the comment

  2. Abe's Odyssey was the best game ever! I played it for years! Tekken was a favourite aswell! Great post!

    John | Shout John

    1. Thanks dude, thought people wouldn't read as it was such a long post but good to know people still enjoy the older games :D thanks alot for the comment

  3. Ahhh I love Metal Gear and Abe. I feel so nostalgic right now. I loved Dino Crisis, Silent Hill, Doom, Duke Nukem, Tomb Raider, Black and White and Dungeon Keeper when I was growing up. I always remembered that I needed someone in the room with me while I played Silent Hill. XD (Life & Geeky stuffs) // (Beauty)

    1. No one can call themselves a gamer and not like MGS and Abe. Duke Nukem was so good back in the day, and Silent Hill and Tomb Raider. Such good games back in the old days. too much focused on multiplayer these days

  4. Abs Odysse was a badman of a game, i might have to dig out a PS1 to have a go on it!