T-shirt Wishlist

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I decided to make a T-shirt wishlist of various tee's that i have come across and wish to purchase in the future. Thanks for reading and  hope you enjoy!

I've been a big fan of Bring Me The Horizon for a long time now and i have alot of their merchandise, I think one of the reasons why i have so many of the bands t-shirts  is because each shirt has a different graphic that really does differ from the previous, all of the themes for the shirts revolve around the 'darker' side of things and that's something that I like. I am really fond of the hand print and the way in which the bands initials have been scattered around this t-shirt.  

As a child i was always into Star Wars and personally i just think this shirt is totally awesome, I think the idea to have a graphic tee is very good as they seem to be quite big at the moment and it features an older looking drawing of Darth Vader on the tee which adds to its classic yet current appeal.

3. Ouija t-shirt [B] (£24.99)
Simply put the reason that i like this shirt is because it has the original Ouija board print which i have always been interested in and that's it, its a simple tee with a simple graphic that is very appealing to people who like that kind of 'Darker' imagery on their T-shirts.

I only discovered the Abandon Ship brand when i went into the store pulp and was having a look around, once i found one tee by them i was instantly hooked on their design of clothing. they offer very durable clothes at good prices, this sweatshirt features the name of the brand and has the logo on the front.  

5. Cross T-shirt (£30.00)
As stated before I am a fan of the band Bring Me The Horizon, this tee is the lead singers own clothing line. This brand mainly specialize in (again) the 'darker' kind  of tees. This tee in particular has the symbol of the Antichrist on it. As I said previously I like this kind of imagery so this is why I have picked this t-shirt

The reason in which i like this tee is because in contrast to the other ones i have picked it is very minimalistic and only features a "Drop Dead" logo in the upper right hand corner. This tee looks like it would be perfect for everyday casual wear and could also be worn for going out etc.


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