Tattoos : The Coolest Addiction Around Pt 1

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Hey people, I thought i'd do a post about my tattoos as they are currently on my arm and will be there for the foreseeable future haha but anyway, I've always been a massive fan of tattoos even when i was a young kid, i think it was due to the music I listened to. As a child/Pre-teen my music tastes evolved and moved onto more heavier things. I switched The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for Slipknot and Suicide Silence, Normal jeans and t-shirts for Skinnier jeans and Band Merch. Now this may be segmenting the industry but most heavier bands have some form of tattoos and I think this is where I grew my love for them. I'd always had doubts about them as I have Eczema but after some research I found this wouldn't affect any possible tattoos.

Currently at the moment I have two tattoos, Both are on my right arm and are on the lower half of my arm, My goal is to one day have a full sleeve on my right arm. My first piece was a hard decision to make, as this was my first tattoo i did not want something random, i'd always liked the all-seeing eye symbol and the opinion of me it gave people so I decided to go with this. I went to a small but experienced tattoo shop called Seven Doors Tattoo in London (as im originally from here) and was quickly booked in for my tattoo the following week. The pre-tattoo jitters were well and truly here when I sat in that chair, and as the needle first hit my arm the pain wasn't as bad as I imagined it. The whole tattoo took 2 hours and cost me £250, now looking back that seemed like a hell of a lot.


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