Tattoos : The Coolest Addiction Around Pt 2

A continuation from my previous blog post about my tattoos :D

My second tattoo which I got recently (its still healing as I write this). for my second tattoo I decided to get a candy(sometimes called a sugar) skull. I'd only found out about these kinda skulls about a month ago and instantly fell in love with there design. Once I decided i wanted this I went about looking on Google for a rough idea of the tattoo that I wanted. After a quick look i found the kind of one I wanted. I chose a tattoo studio in Stafford (where im attending uni) Vivid Ink. In my opinion this place was awesome, it has a proper nice decor. anyway I was introduced to the apprentice Andrei, who had re-designed my tattoo and was ready to start the pain wasn't as bad this time round and this tattoo cost a lot less then my previous one. only costing £50 that includes colour as well(apprentice rates are amazing). The tattoo is currently healing and I am looking forward to my next one. Tattoos are definitely an addiction but they are one of the coolest addictions around!


  1. Ah cool tattoo! I love sugar skulls :) I have one tiny tattoo and am dying for more but I just can't afford it :( wah! Found your blog from Dungarees and Donuts btw, liking your blog so far and is so good to see more male bloggers than there used to be! Gonna follow on bloglovin, and followed on twitter :) keep up the good posts! xo
    amber love

    1. Yeah tattoos are the best, I don't understand the negative perception they give people aha! Yep it's otally an addiction that you cant stop. Yeah she linked me in a couple of things, she's awesome xD. I noticed that, not many male bloggers at all haha. Thanks for the follows!!! thanks a bunch :)

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