Adam Johnson Accused : Are footballers above the law

Well this post is a bit out there in terms of my content, but I feel as a person who plays football regularly, I must say something about this. Now I don't know if anything has actually been confirmed by anyone yet, but even the accusation is enough. The accusation is that Sunderland and England footballer Adam Johnson engaged in sexual activity with a 15 year old girl, now this is absolutely disgusting to even think about, that a footballer of his standing and stature having played for both (Sunderland and England) could even do something like this. As a footballer, some young people may look up to him. The reason why I think that this story is even more compelling is because of what happened with another footballer (Ched Evans) about 3 months ago, I wont dwell on this story too much but he was claimed to have sexually assaulted a girl. I can understand that people like this can be seen as celebrities and the such but I think that they should be brought down from that status (of celebrity) and be treated like every other person when a crime has been committed. Why should we treat someone differently because they play sports?

I believe that this is a real thing that happens all the time. That various footballers and celebrities can avoid various infringements because they are famous or participate in sports on a higher level. I think footballers do get away with actual crimes that would be punishable if done by someone who is not a footballer just because they have that "status". This is something that I  think is very wrong and something that needs fixing. Would we treat a pedophile differently? of course everyone would.  be against the pedophile and shun him for what he has done, so why is it different for a footballer?

If he is proven guilty then I really do hope that he will get treated the same as any other criminal would and that he gets a lengthy sentence and not a reduced sentence becasue he is a footballer of some sorts.

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  1. Your rant is asking for them to be treated differently than other people, whilst arguing they are treated differently than 'normal' people (I have no idea what this means). Ched Evans did rape a girl, no suppose about it and was found guilty and given a sentence. The same will happen depending on circumstances in this case (as it is more likely statutory). The real issue is the reaction and attitude in social media towards women which is mostly vile.

  2. How is he in anyway a figure of authority??