What OS is more awesome? No Questions asked

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So for this weeks Battle of technologies I've decided to choose something that probably everyone uses or has used at some point in their life. That is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Lets have a look at what makes these OS's (Operating Systems) what they are and more importantly which one I think is better.

Well I guess it would only be right to start off with Windows 7 as it came out first. So Windows 7, well what can I say about this. Its awesome, it was my first operating system where i freely had a laptop of my own to mess around on. This OS took everything that had come before with XP and improved on it drastically, better security, more user-friendly, easier networking for home-group-ing, better search capabilities and a dozen more things. Another thing was that Win 7 was alot faster than XP. For all of its good bits (and believe me there are hundreds) there are also some cons. The cons of this OS are all really for the nerdier user and people who use this OS generally wont find these a problem but for a tech savvy person these are evident. Some things include Hardware requirements of your PC, hard to find drivers for 64 bit versions of old software, even software compatibility. But if your an average user (like I was when i got this) then this operating system is brilliant and does everything right.

The windows 7 Desktop featuring Dungarees & Donuts (totally not promoting here!!)

I was pro-Windows 7 up until about 3 months ago, when one of my housemates decided to update his system and realised that windows 8 was a god send. He boasted that everything was easier, more user friendly and all round better. I was not convinced at the start and stayed strong with windows 7, but a couple of weeks passed and it played on my mind a bit and I decided to upgrade!!(SHOCK HORROR!!). Luckily for me i got it for free through my university. When I updated I was pleasantly surprised. Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 was a breath of fresh air. Everything WAS a whole ton better. (I got a BSOD and it was the friendliest experience ever) everything is considerably faster and feels a ton more streamlined then that of that with windows 7. Even using the task manager is fun. They've taken what they have missed with Windows 7 and improved, even while making it usable for people on tablets. If you were to ask me a year ago if i would be upgrading i would say no with a passion but i have been changed and I think that windows 8.1 has won this one by a mile!

Windows 8 desktop

Now to wait until windows 10 (which I might get a technical preview for to see what its like?) maybe I could review that who knows. But until then go and buy windows 8.1 if you haven't. Thanks for reading.


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