Do you need to take Protein? Supplement review

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Its Thursday so that means its time for me to post about something to do with fitness, Today I've decided to write about a product that I bought about a month ago. This product is "Precision Engineered Whey Protein: cookies and cream".

Now when I started working out properly about 3 months ago I really didn't know much about my muscles, how they worked or anything really. So I was just working out and not really doing much . But then I started to look into it and read forums on what actually happen to the muscles during workouts, basically when working out small tears are formed on the muscle and these need to heal and when they do the muscle grows as a result of this, Protein helps to do that (which is why chicken or food high in protein is recommended post workout), anyway I felt that I didn't really get a good dose of protein at any point in the day, so I decided to go out and buy some.

I bought this supplement from Holland and Barret for around £25, when buying I didn't really know what to expect from it and whether it would work but I was quietly confident it would have some positive effect so I went home and tried it after my workout. When I looked at the label and tried to find some instructions on how much to take and when to, all I could see was various different ingredients and compounds from which it is made form. So I just decided to try one scoop with about 250ml of milk, I expected a really bad tasting product but what I got was brilliant, It tasted like pizza hut cookie dough. I have been drinking it post workout for about 2 weeks now and it is actually working as I've seen an increase in muscle size and definition since I've been taking it compared to when I didn't take it.

I think that i'll keep taking this supplement as I feel that it has helped whether I choose another for of protein or not is another matter but if you are looking for an easy supplement to take post or pre workout then this is a great product. Great tasting and actually works.


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