Gadget Review - Wallet Ninja


Wallet Ninja - £7.95*

Well hello people, I haven't posted in a couple of days and I apologize to my faithful readers (haha! as if there's any of you) but now i'm back to review this great piece of equipment. Its called the Wallet Ninja and is brilliant as you will find out.

I was sent this gadget by the good folks over at Genie Gadgets They stock a huge range of awesome gadgets and are definitely worth your time. Check them out for all of your gadgetry needs. Now onto the actual product. This gadget is  dubbed on the website "The worlds first %100 flat mutli-purpose tool" and this is definitely the case. It features various different tools that are easily accessible to anyone who owns one of these. Some of the tools include a Bottle Opener, Ruler, Screw Driver, Phone stand,  Box opener (great for bloggers) etc. It is sized so that it fits into all wallets and purses

Now the best part when I was told that I would be receiving this product I was really looking forward to it. The design of it was awesome and it looked really handy, then I looked on the internet for some other reviews around the product, and for some reason everyone seemed to hate it and generally gave bad reviews. I can honestly say there is a couple of things that could be improved but the pro's definitely out weigh the cons. I read online by a variety of customers that its a heavy product. When I put this product into my wallet it was not heavy at all it was normal. Mostly all of the tools work very well including the box opener and obviously the ruler (how could anyone mess that up). One problem I have is the phone stand. This does not work very well with the phone that I have (iphone 5s). You have to use one card and it makes a kinda "X" shape on which your phone can sit. I found with my phone it bent the card that it was using to make the "x" (this being my debit card) so yeah i don't really like that. Thats not to say that if you have a lighter phone it wont work, I just don't think it suits my phone.

All in all a brilliant product and really handy if you need a quick tool and you are caught loose. This product is definitely marketed to the male demographic and would be a great present for any male. Thanks for reading and check out Genie Gadgets 


  1. This is the kind of obscure thing that'd always be so handy haha! I'm not male and I wouldn't mind having one anyway, but so would my dad probably. Thanks for leaving your link on twitter, I'm enjoying finding a variety of new blogs!
    lily x

  2. Such a good idea, can imagine it making a good gift or stocking filler.

    Sam, SPRKSAM