Is Green Tea the Superfood we all need?

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Well its Thursday again and that means another post to do about fitness or health or something to do with that, so I thought I'd talk about something that everyone should drink, YES! I mean Green Tea, This magical liquid is the stuff of gods and aids in all manners of health and should be part of everyones lifestyle whether that be working out or not, carry on reading for some chit chat about it.

First things first lets get all the scientific mumbo jumbo out of the way, Most teas are made from the Camelia sinesis plant, All teas are then steamed and then fermented apart from green tea which is just steamed. Its said that Green Tea contains B vitamins, Folates, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, caffeine and various other antioxidants. Green Tea is said to boost weight loss and possess a variety of other health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and combating cardiovascular diseases. 

When I found out about Green Tea I was generally intrigued by it, I was at my heaviest at the time and couldn't wait to try it (because I read it was a magical thing), I was instantly put off because of the taste, it tasted like dirty dishwater, it just wasn't tasty enough for me to like. Then a couple of weeks later it dawned on me that the health benefits were worth the "dishwater" taste and I decided to drink it again( this time buying a more "premium brand make". I brought Twinnings mint green tea, This was great as the mint flavour was strong enough to completely change the taste of it, I noticed myself that when drinking it I did lose a bit more weight than that of which when I wasn't drinking it. I really do believe that it does help with weight loss and I recommend everyone to drink it. YES you do have to drink at least 3-4 cups a day to see results and YES you must also drink it in line with exercise but its totally worth it if you want to lose weight. I no way is it a magical potion that can knock of the pounds like that, but it certainly helps the body to burn fat faster, so if you're looking to lose a bit of excess tummy fat or anything give Green Tea a try and you never know, You might reach you're goal quicker than you'd hope. 


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