Mens Fashion - 5 questions ft Aymie Louise

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Well here's something new to me, a guest post. I did this post with Aymie from Basically this is a male/female perspective on fashion I'll put my answers in blue (who would've guessed) and keep Aiymees in black. Thats Aymie Below 

Hello Not Your Average Nerd readers! I'm psyched to be collaborating with Luke on this post, the other half will be on my blog so I'd love it if you could check it out. In terms of my own blog I'm a 19 year old lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger based in the UK.

Is your wardrobe seasonal?
I wouldn't say I change the way I dress a massive amount over the course of the year but I do make slight changes. Colour-wise I stay the same, I don't tend to go for outrageous bright colours because I'm into monochrome fashion and sometimes a more nautical look.

No way is my wardrobe seasonal haha! I'm weird like that. I'm the kind of person that will wear t-shirts in any weather, I attempt to keep my fashion simple and stick to it through all seasons because it works, I understand that it gets colder sometimes and I do (from time to time) wear jumpers but not too often. 

Do you have a style inspiration or do you just throw on whatever?
I just wear whatever is clean and appropriate, I think I do take inspiration from celebrities like Perrie Edwards, Mollie King and Danielle Peazer when I'm shopping. They all have really simple yet stylish looks so it's easy to mimic their looks when It comes to refreshing my wardrobe.

My style really does derive from the music that I listen to (bet you cant guess the genre? haha), My style really does focus on bands that I like at that moment in time and really big imagery. Also I'm a huge fan of darker stuff so some thought goes into what I wear

What is your favourite brand (high-street or otherwise)?
I love American Apparel for their simplicity and sustainable clothing lines but I also really like to save money so Primark is somewhere I go if I just need a few bits and pieces. They are just as up to date with trends as anywhere else, they just last a little less time than some of the more expensive brands.

My favourite brand has been (for about a year now) is definitely Abandon Ship, The reason why I think they are my favourite over many others is because they cater to everyone who wants to look good and have that darker look to their clothes. I was drawn to the brand by one of their T-shirts which featured a Stormtrooper with Gothic make-up on the front of the mask (this will be on an upcoming OOTD!!) and as soon as I saw this T-shirt I had to have it. As a big fan of Star Wars and music in general (mainly that of the heavy sort) This was perfect for me.

Online shopping or high-street shopping? Why?
I actually prefer to shop online, at least then you get a comprehensive view of the stock and you can find out about more discounts and deals. It's also easier to just have things delivered rather than pushing past stressed out shoppers and lurking in-store staff. 

I'll keep this answer short, online all the way, Why? because its a whole lot nicer experience, easier too. No need to look for the size that fits and worry if they don't have any in, no waiting in lines, no hassle, and you can do it from your own home. its Awesome!! 

Do you own something you've never worn? What?
I have a bright pink cover-up for the beach that was bought for me last time I went on holiday but I've never worn it. I just don't particularly like pink, especially in such a ridiculous shade. Seriously, it's the most obnoxious piece of clothing you could take on holiday with you. It even has little pom-poms hanging off the edges, what was my mum thinking of when she bought me it?

Yes, I do. Its quite a nice shirt from a colour perspective its a tartan blue shirt and was from primark, I remember buying it I was like #, This looks awesome (not looking at it properly) then when i got home and tried it on, I noticed the huge collar, This thing was massive it looked like something harry Hill would wear on a night out it was hideous since seeing this massive collar, the shirt has remained in my wardrobe back in London.

And there it is, my first fashion Q&A. Hope you enjoyed reading, Have nice day wherever you are!!


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