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Well here's a new segment on my new schedule in which i talk about mens fashion as I've been told that there's not many male fashion bloggers out there, so why not capitalize on it? haha anyway for the first post of this I just thought i'd talk about my style in general and stuff that I wear.

Well where do I start I've gone through so many style changes. Where to begin? well I think that all style really does come from the kind of people you hang about with and the music that you listen to, but then this raises the question of what happens if you hang around with 2 different types of people or listen to two varying styles of music. well this is what happened to me. To start off when I was around 13 all I would wear was tracksuit bottoms and Nike or Adidas t-shirts and nothing else, around this time i really didn't have any self image and so just kinda copied everyone else (at this time I didn't own a single pair of jeans), then I found metal music (aged 16). This (as you could imagined) changed my style drastically, I went from trackies and branded stuff to wearing band t-shirts and skinny jeans. This is where I liked to believe I developed my own image kinda thing. After this I just developed this style taking in many styles and trends and adding it into what I wear today (aged 20), I still love wearing band shirts and skinnies but I can also appreciate a good polo shirt or raglan. Some brands that I love are Abandon Ship, Jilted Generation, Famous Stars and Straps etc.

Here's some pictures of what I like to wear at the moment

Abandon ship RaglanBMTH merch Super skinny jeans

and many many other that i'll talk about next week. Until then Thanks for reading! and as promised heres me 3 years ago with my stupid haircut.

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  1. You can never go wrong with a band tee and skinny jeans in my opinion. :)

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award. x