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Today is Sunday so that means its mine turn to write about something thats going on in my life, so yeah as always heres a little snippet into my life.

So I've recently made the decision to get off my backside and get an actual job, whether I continue at university or not is the question that needs to be answered next and whether I will just drop out or see this year till the end? I don't really enjoy university as much as I thought i'd would, I think it comes down to what I really want, and how I learn. I personally am a very hands-on learner so sitting in a lecture hall for an hour then spending so long till I actually get to apply this knowledge is a bit crappy for me, the course I study seemed like such an awesome one back when I was applying but now after doing it for a year and looking at what i'll study next year it has actually put me off of it massively and I really don't see a career in it for me, don't get me wrong university is for some people and can be amazing but its not for me. 

I have wasted some money and put myself in debt (for loans and such) but I am glad that I have come to university because it has made me a lot more confident in what I do, more outspoken and has allowed me to meet some truly awesome people and do things that I probably wouldn't have done if i hadn't have done it, it's allowed me to really think about my future and what I want from it. I can still get a good job I just think i'm more suited to work my way up the ladder of business than study and get a degree.   

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  1. I never went to university, I sadly didn't see the point haha. I never had any aspirations but now I'm in an amazing job so I'm kinda glad I didn't go!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex