My thoughts on the Apple Watch - What you need to know

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I was looking on Google trends this morning (during a lecture! woops) and saw apple were trending, upon further investigating I found out that Apple have a new product coming out soon. Its the Apple watch. My first thoughts on this is that it'll be a mini iPhone/iPad that can be placed on your wrist and does nothing differently than the iPhone or iPad. After reading about it, I can only say that I am impressed by Apple (yet again) as they continue to dominate the market, they keep producing great products that will cater to various needs among the masses.

First of all there are a variety of different watches and various customization for each one, so this already makes this product have a great feel and each person can get one with different straps (when released it wont be too long till there's third party custom straps), There are six different versions of watch, The Apple watch, Apple watch sports edition and Apple watch edition. I think the watch edition will be a more simplistic watch feel instead of the GUI that the normal one has. It seems that Apple are focusing more on health as well with the introduction of the sports version as well (which I'm very happy with). There are also two sizes available for each option.

The actual software has been overhauled and now features apps that are in circles instead of squares and are more tightly fit together. I think this is a great improvement. You can zoom in and out to see more or less of the apps, all in all a very good user interface. There is also some handy little random things that apple have added yet again, like a drawing board that you can send images to other devices and if you press the screen with two fingers, a heartbeat appears, I'm hoping this is a real time match to your own heartbeat as i think that would be incredibly awesome (even just for aesthetics).

This looks to be a great product but may (like all Apple products) cost quite a bit with the cheapest being around £300 with subsequent models costing more, but like all products these will decrease over time and so will eventually be more aptly priced. This is a great chance for apple to branch out into a different market and appeal to a wider audience. With my student loan coming in around the same time, I might be inclined to buy one who knows anyway until then thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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  1. The price is insane, but i love anything Apple brings out!
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