The best Pokemon game to date

So seeing as I am a massive fan of Pokemon games and have recently bought a 2DS, I thought I might as well review one of the funnest games of my childhood and one that I have spent countless hours on.

Lets go back a couple of years to when I was a small child, I had never really gotten into the Pokemon series like every other child, I occasionally saw a few episodes on TV but nothing to major, That all changed one day when my father came home with a Gameboy Advance SP and Pokemon Sapphire. As a kid I always loved games so wasted no time in turning the SP on and starting my Pokemon adventure. I instantly fell in love with the visuals and the whole aspect of the game, embarking on a brilliant quest sided by some amazingly ingenious creatures and getting them to battle each other to grow. What could a young boy ask for ?

Anyway fast forward again to today and you get me (newly bought) 2DS in hand witnessing the opening scene again. The music oooooooh the music, how it took me back.  Alpha Sapphire is (obviously) a remake of the GBA classic Pokemon Sapphire. It follows the journey of a character across the region of Hoenn and  ultimately his journey to becoming Pokemon Champion. The story is well driven and exciting (even to someone who has played the game time and time again) The difference this time is the visuals are so much better. What was a 2d world are now 3d and everything looks so much more inviting, more colourful, and more pleasing to the eye. it just feels refreshed. A game that needed a remake. The Pokemon in the game remain the same all throughout the story until you complete the game. Once you have defeated the elite four you unlock the ability to unlock Pokemon from all regions of the poke-verse and I think this is awesome(seeing as i never played black and white). Also added into this game is the extra episode. After the elite four (again) you get put into the delta episode in which a asteroid is headed towards the earth and you must help to stop it, needless to say there is more great storytelling and even some legendaries up for capture on the way. that's another thing, legendaries. Every legendary up to know can be caught in this game through various means. certain criteria must be fulfilled but this just adds to the hours and hours you will put into this game.

This game is definitely one you will not be able to put down once you pick it up, IMO this is the best Pokemon game to date and always will be just because it has everything all fans have every wanted