To clear things up

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To clear up, I never wanted anyone to feel hated or unloved by what I wrote, I myself have been bullied for my size when I was younger, as with all social media or things that draw in alot of views people judge instantly and go on what other people have said and jump on the bandwagon or have a preconceived idea of what has actually been said. When I decided to write the post I didn't set out to shame all people who are above the average of weight nor did i do it for views, I wanted to highlight the extremities of this and what it could do to a person on the basis of health and lifestyle as i was bigger as a kid and teenager.

Yes my wording of some things may have been off, I wanted to try and promote a healthy lifestyle and in no way shame people, I have done the opposite of what i intended and this isn't right. Another thing that isn't right is the fact that as a result of my post people have leeched onto my girlfriend Olivia's feed and started to make her feel bad as a result. This is a horrible thing to do as she has done nothing wrong and the people who have been claiming I am a bully and the such seem to be reciprocating this. Weight is a very delicate issue and I shouldve taken more time in writing. 


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