who wouldn't want these 5 T-shirts?!

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When I started my blog a couple of months ago I wrote a T-shirt wishlist in which I wrote about certain T-shirts that I wanted and would've liked to own, this post will/is a revised version off that list So yeah here they are...

I was looking on twitter when I came across this T-shirt, I instantly fell in clove with it as it has such a great bold image on it that doesn't actually take itself too seriously, Yes its a pentagram, Yes its got various different symbols but it features Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, this tongue in cheek clothing style is awesome and I really want this.

2. Abandon Ship: Quilted Sweatshirt

As a massive fan of the Abandon Ship brand, I reckon I would wear anything they come out with, every time I look on their website I wish I could afford it all because I happily would spend all my money  on their clothes, they have a really good middle ground between clothes that look good and have that darker side to them. This shirt looks brilliant and I will be purchasing when I get some more money for sure. This is one brand that I would really love to work with in the future

3. Star Wars: Snowdrift T-shirt

As a massive fan of Star Wars this shirt really stood out for me as i glanced past it on the grindstore website, It features an AT-AT and a snow speeder during the battle of Hoth. This is a great scene from the Star Wars films and makes this shirt one for all Star Wars fans alike

4. Pokemon: Pink Floyd mash-up

I'll keep this one short, I love Pokemon and more importantly am a massive fan of Rock so this mashup of the iconic album "dark side of the moon" is one that I am meant to buy!!

5. Metal Gear Solid: A hind D!!!??

As a self confessed MGS superfan, This shirt was an instant win with me, It features a silhouette of solid snake and the words "A Hind D!?" if you've played this game you'll understand this reference and will probably want this shirt too, if you haven't played this game then stop reading this post go buy "MGS1" and prepare to play the most awesome game to ever grace a console!! 


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