World Book Day 2015

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I've just read online that its world book day today (5th march 2015) so I thought why not shy away from my normal nerdy, geeky content and write about a book that I have read and enjoyed over the past couple of months, all in spirit of World Book Day.

The book that I would like to talk about is "One By One" by Chris Carter. Now I never really read book a huge bunch when I was younger or when I was at sixth form, I hated books, I couldn't stand them, i'd rather watch a film then read a book (oh! how I was wrong). This all changed when I was on my way to work one day. On a billboard was the advert for "One by One" and it was really inviting. The poster fused everything I liked together, it actually looked liked and advert you would see for a horror film so I was instantly drawn in. I did think it was a horror film till I looked into the corner and saw it was a book. I anxiously waited for payday and as soon as my money went in I was off to buy the book.

The Story revolves around a detective known as Robert Hunter (who is a homicide specialist with the LAPD) and he pretty much is the man to go to when stuff gets bad. One day he gets an anonymous phone call from a guy and he tells him about a live stream on the internet. As any good cop would he looks at this stream and see's its a man stuck in a box, the caller then tells Hunter that he has to decide how he dies!! "Water or Fire". Hunter must make the decision on how this man dies. This caller then goes on to explain he will do these streams again and let the public decide on how each candidate dies (with each death getting more horrifying then the last). Its a race against time as Hunter gathers all of his assests to try track down this sick individual (promise these are my own words and not copied from the blurb)

This book is part of a series (I never knew this at first) but even so, having not read any of the previous books, I still felt that i could understand everything in the book and its easy for new readers to pickup. Oh and I forgot to mention that Chris Carter was a criminal psychologist for many years previous, so he bloody damn well knows what he's talking about and conveys the psychological aspect of a killer very well. This book was literally one i could not put down. I finished it in one day. I recommend this book and series highly as they are well written and just awesome.


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