Gadget Review - Rubiks Cube Inflatable Chair

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 Today i'm doing a review of the official Rubik's Cube Inflatable chair, I remember a couple of weeks back, Me and my girlfriend were in a local toyshop and I saw this chair, I was instantly drawn to this product as i'm a massive fan of Rubik's Cubes in general. I got my first cube a couple of years back and didn't put it down till i could solve it. Then I just focused on speed, long story short, I think Rubik's cubes are awesome and iconic.

This chair is made up of two main parts, The outside fabric-y part which has all the designs and logos on it, and the inner inflatable part. The chair when fully inflated measures 40cm by 40cm. Personally for  me (as a 20 year old) this is a tiny bit small but I can still sit on it. So I would think this product is meant for a younger aged person (probably 16-19) or just people of smaller proportions. Another problem with this is that because it is two main pieces it is really hard to line up the fabric with the inflatable cube to get the perfect cube shape, and I always seemed to get a slightly out of shape cube. Regardless this could just be me being really picky. This is a cool looking product that i reckon could add a retro look to any room and bring back some memories of fun and frustration to many. 


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