Game review - Far Cry 3

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Well heres another new thing that I have decided to add in and its my review of games, The game that I will review today is Far Cry 3. This game created by Ubisoft follows the story of Jason Brody and his friends as they land on (what they think is an uninhabited island, unbeknownst to them A criminal and slave trader named 'Vaas' is in control of the island and captures them. You play as Jason and join him on his journey through the jungle.

I have played all of the Far Cry games thus far and fell in love with this one just like I did previously, Again with all of the sequels, everything has been improved on, the graphics, the story, the weapons. The story is in my opinion really really interesting, you don't know whats going to happen nex. The game boasts some great memorable characters such as Vaas, Sam and Citra to name a few. The story starts off with you being captured by Vaas' men then you must use the jungle to your advantage and find your friends and escape from the island, This game throws so many different things your way its great like crazy drug induced sequences and one click battle segments, even the odd game of poker if you're bored.

This game has a lot of playabillity within the vast world there is various outposts scattered around that can be liberated by killing everyone inside . This is a great concept as you can use so many things to dispose of the enemies inside. Maybe you can sneak in and do it undetected, maybe you feel like running and gunning, maybe shoot an animal trap and let a jaguar take out the camp, the possibilities are endless. I have just completed this game and have already purchased Far Cry 4 as I have heard it further improves on everything this game excelled on. Another little awesome thing about this game is the prequel Live action series, I found it randomly on the internet but watch it (yes some of the acting is bad) but it really does give the story some purpose.

Some things I dislike about this game are the fact that you cannot shoot from inside your car while driving, this is important as some missions see you having to drive then get out kill some dudes, then get back in and drive off, its kinda mechanic. Another thing I would add would be Side missions, now while it is true there is some side quests to do, such as hunting people down and certain animals, I would add in various side characters and variation in the missions and quests. (I have read this is implemented in Far Cry 4)

 If you are a fan of big open-world FPS's then this game is for you, with a compelling story-line and tons of memorable moments, out of 10 I would give this game a 8/10


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