Game Review - Garrys Mod

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Now this title really is one that you can play around woth for hours on end, I heard about this through my friends and bought it off of the steam marketplace for like £10.
Garrys Mod was created in 2004 and was originally a Half Life 2 mod, this was then later made into a whole game on its own because of its popularity amongst gamers, Its a sandbox physics game, Fun Fun Fun!!!

This game offers no storyline, No plot, nothing it just gives the player a Sandbox environment and the tools needed to manipulate items, from this various things have been created on various different servers that people host. Theres so much to talk about this game and so many modes and servers that its almost impossible to talk about, Theres modes ranging from Slender based games to RP servers (Role playing servers). Basically if someone can create it then you can play it, its kinda like lego, you are given the basic building blocks and then you build to your hearts content.

Some of my favourite games have been played on a server that hosts "Death Runs", basically these are trying to survive for as long as you can on a set route while someone is activating different traps along the way, some of the servers I've been on have had different themes such as South Park, Lego, Mario. Its insane the amount of stuff that can be done. Another funny but weird one is a My Little Pony RP server, needless to say I didn't stay long on this server. Things can even be downloaded from the steam workshop which just adds to the insane amount of things you can do.

This game is currently on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, I would definitely highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone. The sheer number of things you can do in this game is it's greatest and really only selling point, forget Minecraft this is true creation.


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