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Well what going on in my life at the moment, to be honest not quite much haha, its pretty boring in the life of Luke Donovan at the moment. I haven't been blogging/interacting as much as i would've probably have liked to due to not having the actual time to sit down and actually write a blog post, as every time I had wished to do it, I would get distracted(which I do easily) and end up realizing too late and then not be able too, I'm trying to get my posts back up and get them scheduled a couple of weeks in advance so then I don't have to worry about missing posting on some days, that way I can just focus on interacting with my readers and talking to them, oh and I also cut the tip of my finger off, needless to say it hurt alot and bled for days, i had to go to A&E for it and still cant actually fully use it.

So yeah some things have started to look up which I should hopefully be able to say in a couple of weeks time so stay tuned s for that. Not much else really going on at this point in time, as always keep on my blog and check back tomorrow for some Photoshop tips on retouching up images!!


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