New blogger chat - #TechTalk

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Well after participating in various blogger chats it has come to my attention that there is not many pointed towards technology or really any form of technology, all the chats I've seen are based on lifestyle and beauty mainly, so this has led me to try and create a new blogger chat for those bloggers out there who enjoy technology and gadgets just as much as I do and would love to find people who have similar interests and just chat really.

I've decided to name this chat #TechTalk and it will start on Wednesday 15th at 8pm, obviously it will carry on for subsequent weeks. Now this may fail hilariously but hey who cares if it does, ive asked a couple of people on twitter and some people seem to be interested. If you would like to be a part of it then please join in on Wednesday at 8, All I ask to you person reading this is that you possibly tweet about the chat just to drum up some interest and get more people in the chat, until Wednesday, Adios amigos

Any questions don't hesitate to contact me on twitter here

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  1. Great idea. Ping me back and I will put it in my diary and see if I can pop along. William