Photoshop 101 - Retouching Images

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Hi, This week for my Photoshop tutorial I will talk about and guide you on how to retouch photos, to remove blemishes and other things, now say you have a really good picture of a product or something and you're about to post it but then you see a stain on it or something else you don't like. This tutorial will show you what to do when you are faced with this problem, We will be using the Clone Stamp tool, So open up Photoshop and get ready.

1. The first step is to open up Photoshop, The image I will be using today will be an image of
chin. As always open the image.

2. The first step to retouching is to asses what needs retouching, Obviously on this image it is the spots on the face, this will be different for each persona on each image so I cant say what needs to be changed for you. once you have figured out what you want to change move on to the next step.

3. Next we need to select the Clone stamp tool, you can do this in a variety of ways by selecting it on the left, its the fifth down on the left side of the tools window or you can just hit "S" on the keyboard if you are into your shortcuts like me. 

4. Now one you have selected the Clone Stamp (make sure "alligned" on the top is not ticked) A cursor will appear (like a brush) what you must now do is find a portion of the picture where it is what you want to go over the blemish, so for example in mine it would be a part of skin that has not spot on it, once you have found this hold "Alt" and your cursor will switch to a little target. click on the "perfect" part of the image to copy it to your stamp.

5. This is the most fun part of tutorial, know you have the non blemished part selected you can move the mouse to the blemished part and click to copy over it and it will stamp the part that you held "alt" onto the image. When doing this make sure that you pay attention to lighting as some lighting will not be the same and you'll be able to tell the difference, always try to make it look as natural as possible, Also do not drag and click as this will stamp from your selected location, just click let go and move on, this is why its important aligned is not selected, so the selected part stays in the same spot.

6. Now you can go over all of the blemishes with this tool, if you need to make a new selection just simply hit "Alt" and select a new portion, you can change brush size if you need to cover a wider portion or a smaller size if you really need to get into detail.

Original Image                                                                                        Edited Image

That really covers this short tutorial on the Clone Stamp and how to remove blemishes as always, if you have any comments or get stuck feel free to leave a comment below and i'll try my best to help out.


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