The (not so) grand re-launch

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Well, hello again everyone. well its been a bit of time but i'm now going to start blogging again, basically this post is a little on why I stopped in the first place and what you can look forward to on my blog in the future.

First to why I had stopped, I decided to take a break from blogging in general because I felt like I wasn't putting enough time into  it and wasn't honestly enjoying it as much as I did when I had started writing, so I thought why not take a bit of a break, collect my thoughts and then come back and relaunch (so to speak), so take this as my official re-launch. Now onto to the question of content on my blog, I intend to redesign some of the stuff on my blog to give a fresher feel as the headers and design of my blog seems a bit bland to me know.

 I'll be starting some of my weekly posts again such as Photoshop 101 and my reviews of geeky things (with some other things thrown in). I also intend to connect more with my readers on twitter and other social media sites more than before as I don't feel as I did this much last time, so if you're reading this and have any ideas for my blog then feel free to send me a message on twitter, to all who reading, keep awesome and I look forward to writing for you all again,


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  1. It's always hard to come back after a break, so well done for doing that. I'm sure your new posts will be fantastic and I hope you find your blogging mojo again x