Fallout Shelter - Game Review

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How many Fallout fans are out there? Loads thats the answer, A game about a post-apocalyptic world in which mostly all the inhabitants are all out to get you in this kill for kill world. I first came across the Fallout world when I played my mates copy of Fallout 3. That intro segment as a baby! wow! I went out and brought the limited edition of the game straight away, needless to say many hours have been racked up on this game over the course and when I had a look on facebook this morning to see that there was a mobile game related to the Fallout universe I was instantly drawn to it.

Fallout Shelter Loading screen

The game in question 'Fallout Shelter' is a mobile game which puts you in the position of an overseer of your own vault (how awesome is this!) and you are tasked with bringing in new members and putting them to work in your new vault (which you can assign any numbered name like in the game!!!).

The game has some really great points to it, visually its really crisp and defined, each character looks really defined, it has great ties with the fallout universe and allows you to see characters from the games (most notably Fallout 3), the game itself feels like if a nuke was dropped on the Sims. You build each little room (each room has a stat designated to it from S.P.E.C.I.A.L) and assign your vault members to work here and while they work they get you power to fuel your vault and make food and water to keep everyone alive, you can also make your members have babies to increase your population (brilliant addition right), you can equip any member of this game with different outfits and weapons and send them into the wasteland to find other equipment and caps. In addition to this (like many mobile games) you have tasks to complete that give out various rewards, one of these is lunchboxes. In these lunchboxes you get cards which contain items, caps and most importantly character cards.

These are rare(rer) cards that are characters from the fallout universe and have higher stats. Avid fans will recognize characters, weapons and outfits from previous games. The biggest plus side for me is the fact this game is free and doesn't charge (*cough* Candy Crush*cough*) to progress further in the game or give others the advantage if they pay, no needing to wait for lives or anything, completely free.

Fallout Shelter game
Heres my vault, Vault 336!

All in all I have been playing this game all morning and look forward to playing it more, it is insanely addicting and is good for all fans as a filler till Fallout 4, if you download it you will get addicted easily so be prepared, anyway im off to go care for the people of Vault 336.


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