Gadget Analysis - Binary Watch

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Wow it seems like such a long time since i've wrote any form of review or anything, my apologies to anyone who actually reads my stupid ramblings about geeky things. Anyway onto the review.

As soon as I was contacted for a possible review and found out what I would be reviewing I was instantly swayed and could not wait  for the product to be delivered so I could try it out and write this review, The item in question is the Binary watch. Sent to me by the good folks at getDigital in germany. These guys stock a whole bunch of cool geeky gifts and I would definitely recommend them for gadgetry to suit your needs.

The watch itself is very awesome, its a very lightweight watch with barely any weight to it (which is a great bonus IMO), The watch itself is all black and features a very simplistic design with straight grooves down the strap. The main selling point of this watch is that (im guessing you can figure it out) is that it is in binary. Yes all of you nerds out there, no more reading a face with digital numbers on it or looking at clock hands all day. This watch face is pure binary. For anyone who does not know what binary is i'll quickly explain, binary is a form of numerical notation that uses 2 as a base instead of 10, confused yet? Dont let that put you off, anyone can use this watch, its very easy to read.

The watch face features two rows of numbers. The first row consist of 'H,8,4,2,1' this stands for the hour and the second row consists of 'M,32,16,8,4,2,1'   these stand for the minutes. When you hit the button on the side it lights up specific numbers that correspond to the time. All you need to do is add up each lighted number. Heres an image to help you understand.

This is a great watch for everyone, whether you're a seasoned computer programmer who reads in binary or just like the geekier things in life, this watch is suited for all. If you would like to purchase one then don't hesitate to head over to the getDigital website and purchase one for 19.95 (£14.30) here. Thats all for today folks keep tuned for all things geeky and nerdy right here on 


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