Just a quick little update

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Hello to everyone reading, this is just a tiny post about an update, Yes I did announce my return to blogging, this is still going ahead but is just taking a bit longer than expected. I have been in contact with a company and will be sent one of their products so I intend to use this as my first post back.

Ive decided to cut down my content to three posts a week now as I feel ultimately I put too much out last time and couldn't keep up with this consistently enough, whether this was because I was new to blogging or anything else I don't know, but I know I would prefer to write 3 great posts a week then to send out 4 or 5 that aren't quite up to par. So yeah I still am going through with my re-launch of my blog, thanks to all those still reading and reading this as its what im writing these blog posts for. for any and all updates follow me on twitter here or follow my facebook here


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