My first post back!!!!!!!

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Well hello there readers, this is just a quick intro post for whats been happening with my blog recently and my comeback (which yes is now!). Now I did plan for myself to come back a bit earlier with a review of a product from a company but there were some complications and its had to be pushed back a bit, this stopped me from relaunching as i'd wanted to.

Yesterday Olivia had the genius idea of letting me host her blogger chat #AskABlogger, I'm very glad she did this because it has shown me how much fun can come as a result of blogging so BIG thanks to her for getting me back on here and writing this post. Basically my first post back is going to be of a game I have been playing alot recently and have enjoyed and then subsequently i'll be bringing back my photoshop segment, so lets look forward to all of that. Till then.....


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