My new favourite porridge - Protioats!

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Well yesterday, I was in Asda and was walking down the isles and realised I had no breakfast foods at home, so inevitably I went down the cereal isle, I told myself to get something vaguely healthy and good for my body so I strayed away from the bigger name cereals that just contain mostly sugar and refined ingredients because why would you want to put that into your body? I ended up at the porridge and oats section of the cereals and picked one up. I originally was going to get Quaker Oats but then at the last minute, another brand caught my eye, that brand was Fuels Protioats. Just the way the box was designed was enough to get me to pick it up and get rid of the quaker oats brand. I picked up some of the golden syrup flavoured oats. I read the side of the box to see what was so different between this and other porridge out there and its the fact that these oats contain protein compounds (hence the name) I just had to buy it.

The company boast all over the box "FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS" (and further reading they boast "LOW SUGAR, HIGH PROTEIN") and this, in my opinion, is a great tagline as breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So far since I have eaten some of this product I have not had the same hunger cravings that i would have if i hadn't have eaten this product but whether it can fuel me all day we shall see. The golden syrup variant that I brought tasted great, it wasn't to strong that it completely took over or was it too bland that it tasted of nothing. it was perfect in my eyes and tasted like any good porridge should. Another great upside to this product was the fact that it was so cheap. In the box that I bought it contained 10 sachets (thats 10 bowls) and this cost me £2.00 compared to other brands this is a great price, others cost around the £2,60 mark for the same amount of sachets. If your on a budget (which I am) I would definitely recommend this product as it really is better than some of the more pricier items. As well as golden syrup they have an original flavour and apple and cinnamon.  For a great tasting, healthy, easy breakfast go and pick up some protioats.

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