Trivium - Silence In The Snow review

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Well I didn't even know that Trivium were releasing a new song untill I saw Kerrang post about it on facebook, I had seen the teasers a couple of weeks ago but thought this would just be for a new album not a song. As soon as I started the song I was pleasantly surprised the intro is really good it starts of with some dueling guitar solos (which is always great) it almost sounds dragonforce-y which in my opinion is good, very power metal from trivium, then some awesome chugging comes in, this part solidified it for me that the song was going to be awesome. This chug goes onto and really does drive the song, its a real interesting direction that Trivium have gone for, there still is the Trivium-esque feel with the guitar solo's and breakdowns, but it just feels fresh and I love it.

The most noticeable change I think die hard fans will struggle with would be that Matt has gone for a clean vocal part instead of some screamed and some sung, this song is all sung. Even though this is the case, his voice has improved dramatically. The vibrato in his voice is outstanding. Yes the singing does have a David Draiman feel to it but thats because Draiman helped with the previous album and tutored matt on singing. Die hard fans of Trivium should not be put off buying this album(when its released) because im sure it will have some screams on it remember this is only the first song of many that we have heard.

The video is just as awesome as the song and shows just how talented the band are the whole video features each band member slowly starting to bleed and being followed around by some batman looking masked thing (its based off of a japanese oni mask from what I gather) but yes the whole video is shot in black and white and really is a bit creepy which makes it a whole lot more awesome. The director John Paul Douglas has done a brilliant job to make the video match the song in my opinion. Since listening to this song I have played it about 7 times non stop its that addicting and catchy, trust me it just draws you in and just makes you want more. Take a listen below for some awesome metal music and tell me what you think in the comments!


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