6 steps for the perfect omelette

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Hi there, today I thought that I would suggest a quick little recipe for a kale and onion omelette that I have come to love. The recipe in question is cheap, easy to make and is really healthy. So yes there really is no downside to this. The actual recipe contains 3 ingredients but you can add or take any out to make it more personalized to you. This can be made when in a rush or for any occasion and can be used as breakfast. This is a really low calorie dish thats brilliant and can be used to get your day of to a great start.

Now i'd hope everyone knows how to make an omelette but if not no worries i'll take you through the steps needed to make the perfect omelette

Ingredients needed

- Eggs x2
- Kale (about a handful)
- 1/4 Onion
- Salt and pepper (optional)


1. Start off by bringing some water to boil in a saucepan. Once it has started to boil add in all of the kale and cover. This will steam the kale. You can fry the kale but I always prefer to steam it instead.

2. While the kale is steaming, chop the onion into small pieces, once you have chopped up the onion into sizable pieces pop them into a frying pan and brown the onion pieces. make sure to keep moving the pieces around just incase they burn.

3. While the onions are browning crack two eggs into a bowl and add some salt and pepper (for some taste), whisk the eggy peppery salty mixture until its a yellow liquid.

4. by this point your onions should be a nice brown colour, pour the liquid straight on top of the onions (this helps make the base stronger, meaning the omlette wont break as easy when flipping), let the eggs cook for about 30-45 seconds until you can get a spatula underneath easily.

5. Drain the excess water from the kale and add straight into the middle of the omelette, now get underneath one side of the omelette and flip over onto the other side (takes some practice to get it perfect, the onion base helps here!) once flipped press the top of the omlette down with the spatula just to cook the inside a bit more.

6. Slide your cooked omelette off of the frying pan onto a plate and then enjoy your great healthy new snack.

Heres one I made, I added some baby tomatoes and spinach to it for that extra health kick!


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