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Hi there, today I thought that I would do a little headphone/speaker wishlist as I regularly listen to music and am always using these two things to constantly listen to music and what not, so without further ado here is my wishlist.

Now I've always been a fan of skullcandy's, just their design and the general fell of them is brilliant, they also have really good quality sound from the previous pairs that I have owned, The Crushers look totally awesome  in black and look like a really cool pair of overhead headphones, I would definitely buy these and block out the world with my music! 

I'm new to sades headphones as I only recently found them but my oh my, how sades headsets are great. They mainly make gaming headsets, but these can easily double as normal headphones while sitting on your PC, the great thing about these are the price, I am using the Sades Spider at this moment in time (literally as I write this) and would love to upgrade to a more pricey pair such as the SNUK's

Now these are a recent find of mine, not only do I love the retro design that but I love the simplicity of everything about these. It looks sleek. I can only imagine that the sound reflects this, As being made by Technics who were big in the 70s you know that the sound will be amazing.

4. Panasonic wireless speakers  (sc-pmx100beb)
These speakers look awesome as, They look huge and probably boast a huge sound, again (like the technics) I feel Panasonic have gone for a more retro feel with this product, I can only imagine the bass sounds that you will get from this, also it is wireless which makes it that more amazing no fiddling with wires nothing, just play.

The second pair of Skullcandy's to make it onto this wishlist, you can probably tell why, I mean look at these! they just look beautiful and i'm sure that the sound quality from these would be great, I could really see me getting these soon as I love in ear headphones and my current ones are getting a bit old and used, so I might purchase some new ones

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