Fitstar - The personal Trainer App

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This week I would like to talk about this awesome little app that I have found. The app in question is called Fitstar and as you can tell from the name is a fitness based app. This app is a personal trainer in your pocket, its definitely what I was looking for on the marketplace. After going through various apps that say that they give you a full training session and can improve your fitness I was growing tired of not being able to find one that actually worked or didn't cost to even download, then I found fitstar. This app right from the offset is incredibly interactive, this is something other apps did not do for me, you start of with a guy (im guessing he's an american football player and endorses the app) explaining how everything works. This app adjusts to you and how each session is for you by allowing you to rate each exercise on how you felt it was and how many reps/time you did it for.

When starting out you're given a general fitness test to customize your own personal fitness plan. after this you are given various different sets of training to do in a week, one day its chest and core another its legs and back and so on. bearing in mind this is the free version which consists of 3 workouts a week, paid members get unlimited sessions a week. During each session you get a in depth look at the actual exercise you will do and someone talking you through how you will do it, as well as this the voice will encourage and motivate you along the way. At the end you'll see how many calories you have burned based on what you've done. As well as the weekly workouts there is a freestyle section where you can do other workouts based on specific areas. One I am accustomed to is the VOW daily 16  which is inspired by the military. SO if you are on free membership you can get loads of free workouts in.

Another bonus is that you can challenge other friends who have the app to compete in challenges such as burning a certain amount of calories first or by doing so many workouts, as well as this, this app does connect to MyFitnessPal (which is amazing, basically a food tracker, superior to other apps out there) and adjusts your daily calories to eat automatically so you dont have to input anything, a great little touch.

After using this app for a week I feel like I am really getting a full body workout that I really have wanted for ages but not been able to do as I didn't know many exercises that work different parts. I am definitely going to buy premium membership when I can because if its anything like the free membership it'll be well worth it.


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