Fuel Your 10K Hours - Instant Porridge Pots

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As some of  you know a couple of weeks back I was sent some products from Fuel Your 10K, one of these products was the instant porridge pots, I was sent three different flavours, these were original, honey nut & raisin and chocolate.

The first thing you notice about these pots (as with all Fuel Your 10K products) is the design, brilliantly descriptive and one that differs from everything out there. One thing I do like with the whole range of products is that each different flavour has a assigned colour (as you can see below), this is a great touch in my opinion that helps you to differ between the flavours. One of my favourite things about these instant porridge pots is that they are so easy to make and can be made when you are in a rush and cant afford to be late, all you really need to do is boil some water and fill it to the line inside of the pot, then put the lid on and let it stand for three minutes, once thats done you can mix it again and eat it, no milk needed (which is good if you run out one day and cant be asked going to the shop).

The flavours taste brilliant too, my favourite being the chocolate (I just really like chocolate alot) it was not too rich that it put me off nor was it too weak, just like goldilock once said, "its just right", it really was and I would definitely recommend the chocolate one over the other two (not to say they aren't great) but this is just my personal opinion on the three. Another upside is that they contain added protein and fibre, I find this is great as breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day for pretty much everything, also if your a vegetarian it may be hard to get your full daily protein intake (as chicken is one of the main protein sources) so this could be a great place to find it.

One thing that I found is that filling the water just below the actual fill line you get a better porridge consistency, this all does depend on how you like your porridge, I prefer mine to be like cement, so the less water the better. If your looking for some breakfast to eat on the go or make quickly in the morning then definitely go buy some of these, they are quick to make and very cheap so if your on a budget there a god send.

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