My first impressions - Windows 10

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Well the time has come and Windows 10 has been released to the public! Now ever since hearing about this ages ago I have been anxiously awaiting this release, after Windows 8's terrible reception, microsoft gained some better reviews with the introduction of windows 8.1. These two OS's in my opinion where based on tablet users as this was the direction I guess microsoft thought the market was going to a tablet based market but faced huge backlash when PC users complained about some of the things that had been changed around, well I can now say that this has all changed with the introduction of windows 10.

Windows 10 released on the 29th july 2015, is the next update for all windows users. This update should be rolled out to all users for free and most should see a little windows icon in the bottom of the taskbar, I didn't have this so I had to download a copy from my uni dreamspark account and install it manually, microsoft have tried tho make this a stress free install for all, with previous updates helping to do this, anyway onto the actual good bit, using windows 10. Did I also mention its free for all users??

Now when I updated I was like a little fangirl because I had been waiting for the update for so long, as soon as it hit 100% I was ready, the first thing that I noticed was that the taskbar had been completely redesigned and it looked a lot lot nicer and sleek, the icons were smaller and everything just looked a whole lot nicer than any other windows OS I have seen. Theres some new software as well that is added onto the taskbar, she goes by the name of Cortana and can easily search for things on your computer or on the web, you can also talk to her (much like siri) if you prefer not to type. Another thing that has been redesigned is the start button. They have combined the effectiveness of the Win7 start button with the tiled apps of Win8.1 into an all encompassing button that can be used as either depending on your preference all of your recent apps can be accessed here and just quickly opened.

Another thing thats great with Win10 is the new settings page, this again has been redesigned to look a lot more professional and to be able to be accessed by everyone. its laid out very nicely and you really do understand what you are changing and its not hard to navigate at all. Bundled with Win10 is also microsoft's new internet browser 'Microsoft Edge', Yes this is just a newer internet explorer but definitely has a nicer sleeker feel to it than that of its predecessor, whether I will use it instead of Chrome is probably not going to happen but its nice to know that microsoft do have something there incase.

One problem I have noticed since downloading is that my disk usage is maxing at 98-100% all of the time, I don't know why this is but I imagine as it is something that should be fixed with future updates as there's always likely to be bugs in software no matter how much it has been tested. funnily enough the max disk usage has not slowed my pc much so yeah?

Basically I would recommend that everyone download Win10 as soon as possible because it really is awesome and my review has not done it justice at all its the most user friendly OS microsoft has released to date and I hope they keep with this design in the future. and hey why would you not want to download it? its free? just reserve your free copy and get ready to be catapulted into the future of PC operating systems,


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