My most used iphone apps

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This week for my monday post I thought that I would do a post about 5 of my favourite iphone apps. Now in this little list I wont be including any of my social media apps such as Facebook or twitter as these would obviously be my most used, instead i'll be listing the ones which I personally use on a daily basis for a variety of different things, all of the apps listed are free and can be downloaded from the app store.

1. FitStar
My most used app at this moment in time is Fitstar, if you have been following my blog then you will know that I have reviewed this app in a bit more detail than I will, Click here to see the review. I use this app everyday to workout with, its great, after every exercise you get a little review section and it increases the exercise next time or decreases it depending on what you put. If you're thinking about starting to work out then definitely download this app as its great for beginners or experts in fitness and the free version is pretty awesome

2. Dashlane
This is my second most used app and this (again) follows on from another recent post about security that I wrote, basically Dashlane is a program that allows you to keep all of your passwords safe in one place, the app does exactly the same as the program for your pc and syncs across both platforms so when you update one the other reflects this, its a great app for those (like me) who have trouble remembering passwords to different accounts, and you can use touch ID (Iphone 5s and up) which is even better!

3. Ultimate Guitar/Tabs
Now as a guitarist this app is a god-send for me, this app allows you to have the whole Ultimate Guitar database of tabs and chord sheets right at your fingertips, its great if you ever want to learn a new song when there is no PC or computer around, This app is the only one in this list that does cost (£0.99) but there is a free version. this a must for every guitarist or bassist out there

4. MyFitnessPal
As well as using FitStar I use this app in conjunction with it, this app allows you to set your weight and height then set your goals and the app works out how many calories you should be eating to lose this by setting your individual things (carbs, fats, salt, sugar etc) this app syncs up with FitStar and automatically adds in the workouts you do, you can scan in various items through their barcode so you can add pretty much everything on this.

5. MetroTimer
Again this app is great for any musician to use, in its most basic form it is just a metronome, but a very good one at that. As any musician will tell you, the key to learning anything is starting off slow then slowly speeding up, this app does this in a really good way, its got a great user interface and allows you to increase the BPM of the metronome by increments of one meaning you can really work on your speed, as well as this you can tap out the beats and it will work it out based on this, you can also change the sounds of the beats if a simple click isn't good enough for you. This is the best metronome app I have found after a good search so I definitely recommend for all musicians.

Well thats my most used iphone apps (at the moment) as I said these can all be downloaded from the iphone app store and if im not mistaken the google play store as well, feel free to leave a comment below of your top 5 apps and enjoy your day.


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