My top tips for living in a student house

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Well today I thought i'd do a little random spontaneous post about student living, as a former student living in a student house I thought i'd make a little list for people who might be looking to move into a student house of their own, so without further ado, heres my top 10 tips for living in a student house.

1. Get your bills sorted
The first tip is all about bills! From the off make sure that you and your housemates know whats happening with the bills, whether thats one person paying one bill and everyone paying that person back or setting up a third party service to pay all of your bills and then they add a small fee on, whatever it is just make sure everyone knows whats going down, itll save a lot of hassle!

2. Do a weekly shop 
I have found doing as weekly shop is alot cheaper than that of going to the supermarket every other day for a couple of meals here and there. Doing weekly shops allow you to rack up them deals and get the most value for you money

3. Shop with housemates
carrying on from the last tip, shop with your housemates, the best way to do this is decide on essentials such as bread, milk, butter etc and set money aside for this as a house then if anyone wants additions to that they can buy their own individual items

4. Keep warm for cheap 
This is an important one for all students because there is nothing worse than trying to do work or concentrate on something when you are freezing your backside off! There are a good few ways around this that wont break the bank, there are many cool electrical heaters out there that can plug straight into the wall thus saving you some money on your gas bill! need an example of what im on about? click here! alternatively you could just wear more layers and use extra blankets, whatever floats your boat ( again saving you money).

5.  Keep Some money safe
I wish I would've done this, basically don't spend all of your student loan/money as soon as you get it, you never know when you might get a unexpected bill through or when something will happen that will require you to have some money. if you've just a loan/grant stick some of away even if it is just £100 or less or anything, you'll be happier to have it safe than if you didnt.

Well thats my little list of things to check and do when your moving into a new student house, it is a big step for students and a step in the direction of being an individual, living in a student house is an awesome experience and you wont regret it.

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