Shop Meat vs Organic Meat

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Good afternoon, well today I thought that i would talk about a recent switch I have made and why you should make the switch as well. Now I love chicken. period. I have it as much as I can, and use it a good few times a week, its incredibly easy to cook and tastes great and can be added to so many dishes. The possibilities are endless. When I started to cook for myself this was definitely go to because of its versatility, When I started out I didn't know much about food or what went on to some chickens previous to being slaughtered, so I would be lazy and just buy frozen chicken that was already in strips, this got boring very quickly and in my opinion did not taste very good as it was just a case of stick it in the microwave and wait, no cooking involved. Then after I grew tired of this I changed to frozen chicken breasts. This involved a bit more in the fact that I would have to defrost them, cut them up and then cook them, this lasted for a good few months until I watched a documentary that changed everything....

Food Inc. This was the documentary that really did open my eyes. This documentary shows what kind of things happen to meat and poultry that are bred for bigger chains. Its disgusting. They are taken from birth and put into a massive coop thats kept dark and filled with thousands of other chickens, they have nowhere to move and walk in each others feces. These chickens are fed a diet of corn based food which has been chemically changed to increase the size of the actual chicken, making them fatter quicker meaning shops can sell more of these "chemically fed" chickens all year round. The documentaries then go onto show how a chicken at a organic farm is cared for and allowed to freely roam in its coop eating its natural food and growing to the size it should be so that its raised healthily with no chemical interference. After watching this I was instantly put off the frozen stuff at shops and quickly looked up for organic butchers in my area. When I went and looked at the meat on offer, I instantly saw a change in size, consequently the organic poultry was alot bigger and when cooked tasted a lot better. the only downside is the cost. The "Chem" meat is cheaper but once you think about the way the chickens have been treated its easy to justify buying the organic choice. You do get more actual meat/poultry and so is cheaper in the long run. Theres also a ton of economic and agricultural benefits to eating fresh but I wont dwell on these here as I dont want this to be a story.

If you are bored check out the documentary on netflix and open your eyes. Shop organic. Its better for everyone


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