Old kids TV shows

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Today is sunday, I thought today I would write about all of the old kids shows that I used to watch when I was growing up. The shows that I watched were mainly on CBBC due to my family not having Sky when we were growing up, I did manage to catch some of the cartoon network and nickelodeon stuff though very early on in the mornings. I'll touch on the ones that really stick out in my memory as being good to watch for me.

Well if I had to choose one kids TV show that really stood out for me it had to be 'The Demon Headmaster' now if you've seen this show then you know that its really good. It follows the story of these three kids and their friends who find out that their headteacher is trying to hypnotise everyone in the school ( and later on, the world!) and trying to stop him. I recently re-watched this and was still found it great fun to watch.

Another show that I really liked was the Mr Blobby show, I don't know if was actually called this but I loved it, My mum had it recorded on VHS and we had some videos. The premise of this (if there was one?)  was that mr blobby would have these little skits were he would always get into some sort of hilarious trouble and have to fix it, then there would be some part where Blobby and Noel Edmonds (who hosted it) would read fan mail to the show. I thought as a kid this was brilliant , and seeing some clips now bring back some good old nostalgia.

Anyone remember ZZZap! No? this show may have been a bit older than my time but I remember seeing episodes on VHS and loving it this was a great show that featured characters from a magic comic coming to life just actually being incredibly stupid. One skit that sticks in my mind is one where this bloke is in a bath in the middle of a shopping centre and gets his toe stuck in the tap, I don't know why or  how someone came up this but it still makes me laugh thinking about it to this day.

The last show that i'll talk about is Action man, I thought Action man was the nuts when I was growing up, I had all of the merch. Bed covers, figures, lights, videos, games everything. The cartoon was brilliant, sadly I only had two of the actual VHS's as a kid and some of the CGI remakes but luckily all of these were uploaded to youtube and last year I rewatched the CGI (yes, every episode why? because I could).

Now I have missed out loads of shows that I watched like Pokemon, Fairly Odd Parents, Tots TV,X-Men, Sooty!, Barney, Rugrats
etc , I might do this topic again and do others but that'll be in the future. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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