Sundays random thought - Pierce The Veil

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Today's random thought revolves around music, more specifically a band that I thought for ages that were terrible and did not deserve any form of recognition, Yes that band is Pierce The Veil. Way back when I got into the heavier side of music I absolutely hated this band, no specific reason, I just never really gave them the time of day. I had liked one of their songs a bit but nothing too much, but then after a while they kept on coming up on the sidebar on my spotify so I thought why not listen to them and see if I really do dont like them as much as I once originally thought.

I was pleasantly shocked upon listening to the albums Selfish Machine (reissue) and Collide With The Sky. Its a great mix of interesting guitar work, brilliant drums,really good vocal parts and some really brilliant breakdowns, As soon as I started to listen to a couple of their songs I was instantly hooked. Some stand out songs for me at the moment are King for a day (obviously), Bulls In The Bronx and Hell Above. They do seem like a band that someone could listen to who is a fan of a band such as say All Time Low or Sleeping With Sirens and then possibly progress onto some heavier metalcore stuff.

I totally was wrong with this band and shouldn't have judged them before I actually listened to them. I did this alot back when I was younger but now I can appreciate all forms and genres of music. If you're looking for a new band to get into then definitely give Pierce The Veil a go, I promise lyou wont be disappointed.


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