The Dangers Of Anonymity Online

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Well I just got done watching a really eye opening documentary on channel 4 named 'Revenge Porn', In this documentary Anna Richardson explores the world of revenge porn and the effects it has on people, this has led me to really think about anonymity online and how some people are so different from their actual lives while online.

When talking about the internet and anonymity it really is a disgusting thing to think about as some of the comments on various sites could come from anyone, it could be a well paid businessman or a teacher or anyone , we just don't know and thats were it turns scary because if they could say these kind of things then could they act on their words? I think anonymity does cause more bad then good and that all stems from a psychological standpoint on things, think about it in life we have rules, regulations and laws in place and when we break these we face the consequences of these things, whereas on the internet there is no form of online enforcement to make people think twice, they can just go online post anonymously and  leave, no consequence. An example of this is the 'deep web', the 'deep web' is the part of the internet that is not indexed by major search engines like Google or Bing, these indexed pages take up about 4% of the actual whole internet while the deep web takes the rest, and thats alot of webpages.

On the deep web everything done is done anonymously and this is where the problems lie, if you give someone the power of not being caught then they will inevitably do something wrong, there's various different sites depicting killings and the sexual abuse of people and i've seen screenshots of forums where peadophiles can discuss ways in which to capture children, its disgusting. The sad thing is that personally I don't think that this will stop in the meantime as the sick individuals online really do have no consequence for the crimes that they commit.

The internet can really be a nice place where some brilliant things really do happen, but it can also be a dark and gritty place. I think that the only way in which this problem will and possibly could be fixed would be to inform everyone of the pitfalls of the internet and what actually really does go on within it, people do generally think the internet is an incredibly safe place and they can post anything without anything happening, This is such a big misconception, we need to educate more on being safe online. So many people are affected by this crime and it is truly scary, we need to tackle this problem soon, as the internet becomes more a necessity in everyday life we need to make it a more safe and sustainable place!!


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